Root Your Motorola Xoom Running Android 4.0.3

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Android 4.0.3 ICS has been released for the Motorola Xoom tablet and it brings many performance improvement over the previous Honeycomb tablet OS.

But upgrading to the latest OS would mean that you would lose your root privileges and also you might be worried that whether the latest android has its roots out yet or not?

Well don’t worry because the latest android can indeed be rooted and also you can install clockworkmod recovery in it. So to help you out in the rooting process we have prepared a guide which will enable you to root and install CWM in your Motorola Xoom.

Before we begin we would like to point out that you will be undertaking the rooting procedure in your own risk and that we will not be responsible for anything.

Requirements Before Rooting

We have written this guide assuming that you haven’t rooted your Motorola Xoom and that you need to root it and also install ClockworkMod Recovery in it. So before you start you need the following things

  • Install the Android Debug Bridge on your computer
  • You need to have fastboot.exe and adb.exe installed which gets installed only after you have installed android SDK
  • Download clockworkmod recovery image for Motorola xoom
  • Download rooting files for Motorola xoom

Instructions For Rooting

  1. After you have downloaded the rooting files for your Motorola xoom then transfer them to the root of your SD card
  2. After you have downloaded the clockworkmod recovery image rename the file to recovery.img
  3. Now copy the recovery.img into the folder where adb.exe and fastboot.exe are located which usually within /tools or /platform-tools directory
  4. Turn off your Xoom and reboot into fastboot mode by holding down volume down key and then pressing the power button
  5. After you have booted into fastboot mode connect your tablet to PC with the USB cable
  6. In your computer open a command prompt in the directory where fastboot.exe and adb.exe are located and type the command fastboot flash recovery.img and press enter
  7. To make sure whether recovery.img has installed on your xoom or not turn off your device and turn it on and repeatedly press volume down key until you see android recovery and then press volume up key to boot into recovery
  8. After you have booted into recovery make a NAND droid backup of your device
  9. Now flash your device with the rooting files in recovery device by selecting install zip from SD card and select
  10. Wait for a few minutes for flashing process to complete
  11. Now reboot your Motorola xoom into normal mode


If you have followed this simple guide then you should be having root access in your Motorola Xoom which you upgraded to android 4.0.3 ice cream sandwich.

Rooting will allow you to unlock the full potential of your device and also allow you to install certain apps with which you can further optimize your control over the device.

So do let us know if you were successful and whether there are alternatives to rooting and installing CWM or not.

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  1. Annoyed Guest says:

    Useless. You say ”
    Download rooting files for Motorola xoom” but you do not provide any link or other information on *what* files to download. Most of the root files across the net are not for ICS Xooms….. Good article, almost.

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