Root/Unroot Karbonn A9 And Spice MI-425 [How To]

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Looking for a way to root/unroot your Karbonn A9 and Spice MI-425? Well, you are just in time, we bring to you the entire process at a glance;

Rooting your device we let open the device in your hands after which you can ideally select from amongst the options. If you wish to unroot your device back to the setting you acquired it in, you should go on to unroot your device using the procedure mentioned later in this post.

1. Rooting

  • You will need to have the fastboot drivers downloaded and installed in your Windows OS.
  • You will need to have downloaded the entire rooting kit for the task, you can get it here.
  • Once you have downloaded, you can extract the contents of the kit on your desktop.


  • Boot your phone into fastboot mode by simultaneously pressing the volume up and power on buttons. If you happen to get a green screen, then you are in the correct place, if not try pressing the buttons simultaneously again.
  • Connect the phone to PC via the USB cable and let the fastboot drivers to install.
  • Run the “Root.bat” application.
  • Once recovery is flashed out, you can pull out the battery slowly.
  • Now you should reboot the phone into its recovery mode by holding the Volume up and power button such that you come across a red screen.
  • Once you see the red screen, press home (gently) and you will find a faded black screen in front of you.
  • Your phone is successfully rooted.
  • In case you wish to simply just root your device, then you’re done. If you wish to continue, then you can connect your phone to the PC via USB and install the provided drivers for new devices in the device manager.
  • Now you can even use your device to root SU ADB shell whilst in recovery.
  • Finally, all you need to do is reboot.

2. Unrooting

  • You will require the Stock recovery for your device, you can get it here.
  • Extract the downloaded file and you will find recovery.img
  • Flash the stock recovery via fastboot by either replacing the recovery.img in the above mentioned rooting kit and running root.bat or by flashing it into fastboot using Android AIO Flasher mentioned here.
  • Now proceed by downloading the Stock ROM from here
  • Put the file in you SD card using USB connect.
  • Reboot you phone into recovery mode and select “apply update from sd card”.
  • Using the volume buttons to navigate and the power button to select, chose
  • Let it run, after the installation is completed, just reboot and you phone is done unrooting.
  • Your Android phone is successfully unrooted.

Note: In case you just wanted the stock recovery back on your device, you are all done at step 3 in the unrooting process.

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      • wtf while i wass unrooting i apply update from sd card and the phone got damaged its not starting what should i do nowww……… plzzz helppp me

  2. i am not getting the option of update via memory card

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