Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Update : Now The Rumor Comes About The Use Of Flexible AMOLED Display

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We are now just days behind the announcement of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, and there are further rumors creeping around in the internet.

There is not even a single day that has been left around without any rumors and that will continue till the actual handset is announced by Samsung. It is reported by a Korean press company that Samsung is going to use flexible AMOLED display in the new Galaxy Note.

Samsung showcased flexible AMOLED display very long ago and it continued that in many in trade shows. There were reports that Samsung was trying to use that display in their Smartphone line up and if the reports are right then, the first one to receive the flexible AMOLED display will be the Galaxy Note 2.  

The Galaxy Note 2 is due to be making debut on August, 29 at Berlin and it will utilize blendy tech architecture. There are also reports that Samsung is going to use its new Unbreakable Plane (UBP) technology in the Galaxy Note 2. If Samsung can implement this technology then it will make the phone extra thinner.

There is a matter of surprise that the Korean Press just reported a month ago reporting the takeoff of the Unbreakable Plane (UBP) technology.

If the reports come out to be true then Samsung Galaxy Note will be one of the denser displays. According to our calculations the pixel density could reach to about a whopping 350 ppi which is in itself fantastic.

If the display is really possible then Samsung is in the verge of starting a revolution in the mobile display industry. The display is reportedly RGB AMOLED instead of the Pen-Tile Matrix.

If the display used is flexible Amoled then the form factor of the phone will be also somewhat curved style. Samsung has previously released curved phone like Nexus S and the Galaxy Nexus.

Both are having Curved architecture with Amoled display. So it is not impossible for Samsung to give the Galaxy Note a curved architecture with a flexible Amoled Display. It is a point to be noted that the actual phone is not going to bend.

We still have not got any official reports from Samsung about the specifications of Galaxy Note 2 but going with these rumors it is going to have a 5.5 inch Display with the same form factor.

The predecessor had a 5.3 inch display. The display is supposed to have a 16:9 HD resolution. So I think we have to wait till August 29 in Berlin when Samsung actually announces its new version of Galaxy Note.

We are going to cover the launch and report to you just after the unveiling of this android device itself.

So are you too want to see the new Galaxy Note 2 like us so just stay tuned with us and don’t stop sharing your views with us

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