Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Updated Review

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Samsung really caught up to that trend and introduced a stylus laden Galaxy Note handset, but instead of putting the pen there for the precision it allows you in some tasks, it took a counter intuitive at first look approach.

The note was equipped with gigantic for a phone 5.3” screen to doodle on- a pretty logical idea if the intent is for more useful tasks than chasing interface elements unoptimized for touch.

Such a huge phone was a gamble, though –Androids were growing in screen size at the time, but the flagships topped out usually at 4.3” and the iPhone was still at palm friendly size so a 5.3 inches raised quite a few hands of the users.

Now we have the latest successor of Galaxy Note that is Note 2 which transitions the Note family feel. It also ups the status with a much more ergonomic S Pen stylus that learned new tricks, a larger 5.5 inch screen in a thinner, narrower body, die shrunk quad-core processor and 2GB of RAM.


A 5.5 incher does not bat an eye these days and it is not only Samsung with the first Note to blame for. Despite the larger screen, the Note 2 is about same weight as its predecessor, but is not as wide making it a tad less unwieldy in the hand.

It is a giant device and has gradual curves and rounded corners as that of Galaxy S3.

The chassis build material is the same polycarbonate plastic used for the S3with gradient colors in the non-white version and the only gripe about it is a bit slippery to hold – a slightly textured surface might have been a better choice.

We don’t have a unibody design here- just the good old paper thin battery cover under which you find a microSD and micro SIM slots as well as a removable battery so this states that Note 2 earns starting points for expandability right here.


The device has a Super AMOLED display that Samsung ever produced. The screen is much brighter, sharper and better looking than that of Galaxy S3 with a good RGB pixel combination.

Microscopic examinations of the Note 2 display show that PenTile’s peculiar way of achieving higher resolutions with 2/3 of the subpixels of the usual RGB matrix is gone now.

Because of the new HD Super AMOLED display one can argue that the 1280×720 resolution of Note 2 is actually higher on a subpixel level than the 1280×800 one on the Note, yet one cannot really see much difference with the naked eye perception.

However , the cold colors typical for Super AMOLED are almost gone now and when displaying white the Note 2 is pretty close to a good LCDquality display as it has largely disposed with the typical cold blueish tint.

S Pen:

The stylus is very tight in the silo almost too much so, making one put an effort while whipping it out in a brand new unit. The Note 2 makes a beeping noise and pops a warning when one walks away from the Desk and the stylus has not been inserted back into the silo.

Since the S Pen is longer and way thicker now, it feels much more ergonomic in the hand and the button is larger and easier to press compared to the original Note . The stylus on the Note 2 feels more solid better than the thin bendy unit of its predecessor Note.


The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 favors smart Exynos 4412 quad core processor with 1.6 GHz clock that provides ultimate performance for multi-tasking and powers Mali 400 MP GPU for ultimate graphic performance.

Now before you start jumping up and down on your seat, keep in mind that this is globalthat support LTE features. Note 2 also come with 16GB, 32GB and 64GB storage variants with up to 64GB of external storage. The RAM is same as that of Galaxy S3.

Samsung is particularly proud of the Note 2,s 3,100mAh battery which Samsung hopes will chug along for 10 to 12 hours of backup.

Not to throw cold water all over your hopes and dreams in this department but Note 2 also many more battery sucking features than did the first Note including S voice, S Beam and the slightly larger screen.


So far , the Galaxy Note 2 looks like it will carry on Samsung’s legacy for high-performing 8 mega pixels cameras. The impressed users say that photos look just as crisp and colorful on the Galaxy Note 2 as that on Galaxy S3.

The camera shows an 8 mega pixels rear camera with LED flash, along with a 1.9 mega pixels front facer .Both cameras use backside illuminated sensors(BSI) in order to improve low light performance. The rear camera performs much the same as the Galaxy S3. Video recording is also durable and is recorded at 1080p full HD mode with a sweep panorama mode for shooting a scene.


This device favors Android 4.1 Jelly bean with a powerful graphical user interface for strong graphical performance. In addition to S Pen’s many tricks Samsung has also included a pop video feature that will enable the users to resize it with pinch zoom and pause , resume and close the video.

One of the favorite all time Samsung additions, S beam gets a tiny extra on the Note 2 the capability to transfer other Galaxy Note 2 documents to other Galaxy Note 2 Phones it worked well.

A new camera feature joins the numerous additions by Samsung. Called the Best Group Photo the software swaps out an individual’s best look of a bunch of shots to create an amalgam of them that attempts to get everyone looking their best.


The original Galaxy Note was not much appealing and was not a mainstream device but the S Pen features though still not a required in everyday use has become more useful and usable in Note 2 and the latest version of Android all make it a complete package of entertainment, business and full range device powering many users and hence growing the market of Samsung.

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