Samsung Galaxy Player 4.2 Review

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Samsung is keenly producing new Android handsets to capture as much market share as possible. According to some reports, Samsung has already outclassed Apple when it comes to the sale of handsets. Today, we are going to take a look at new Samsung Galaxy Player 4.2 that is iPod rival.

Seems like, the purpose to introduce this device is to take over all the music devices around the globe. It will be hard to say if the new device by Samsung can beat other devices in the market or not. However, for the time being, we can take a look at different features of this device to determine what is it offering?


The design of Samsung Galaxy Player 4.2 is quite similar to that of Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 and well, one should thanks Apple because the speaker grills have been moved on the front side. This is the same design, I wanted to have and that is why I love this device.

Actually, the speakers that Samsung has installed on new Galaxy Player 4.2 are awesome and that is the best selling point as per my opinion. The screen size is 4.2 inches having 480×800 pixels resolution. The processor used is single-core 1.0 GHz supported by 1GB RAM and the 8GB internal memory.

There is a MicroSD slot available in the device too that helps it go one step ahead from Apple’s iPod. This means that you can add as much space as you want.

Galaxy Player 4.2


To be honest, I’m not happy with the OS of Galaxy Player 4.2 because Android 2.3 Gingerbread is used in this device. This means that if you own this device, you may never be able to upgrade it to new Android ICS (Ice Cream Sandwich). However, the device doesn’t need ICS because it runs great on Gingerbread.

Since, there is single-core 1GHz processor so Android v.2.3 is perfect for this device. Obviously, you cannot compare it with Galaxy SIII and of course, there is no need to do so as well. When you look at the price i.e. only $199, you understand why this is not a high-tech device.

Galaxy Player 4.2


Well, if you were expecting the Samsung Galaxy Player 4.2 to have a HD camera that could capture high quality pictures then you need to stop fantasizing because this is a media consumption device. There is 2MP camera installed in the device that works great for casual photos that you often take and upload on social media.

Obviously, video recording isn’t that good either but on the lighter note, it is not that bad too. While capturing videos with the Galaxy Player 4.2, I realized that it could be used for capturing low quality videos that can be uploaded on internet.

Battery Life

Well, the device doesn’t have a very long battery life or a very high quality battery that can last longer but again, there is no need of such battery too. There is no 4.8 inch screen with high resolution graphics and 3G or 4G networks that drain battery in a few hours.

All you care about is listening to some good music and that is what the Galaxy Player 4.2 delivers. I have managed to stream music for 3 days (72 hours) and still, there was life in its battery. Again, I tried running music with using some apps and playing a few games and still I managed to keep it running for 3 days.

Video Review


Overall, you can say that Galaxy Player 4.2 is a good phone for those who are looking for a music player and a device to listen to phone calls. Of course, it has Android OS which makes it a Smartphone. The specs are good enough to let you complete certain tasks that are essential for a smartphone.

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