Samsung Galaxy S III Wireless Charging Kit Announced By ZENS

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When Samsung announced its flagship product the Galaxy S3, the company also showcased a wireless charging accessory with the help of which the device can be charged wireless.

This was one of the interesting features of the Galaxy S3 as no other Android manufactured did this to any of their products. Samsung galaxy s3 is one of the first Smartphones to get a proper wireless charging kit.

The kit was delayed by Samsung again and again due to some technical issues but it did not stop the 3rd party manufacturer ZENS to release its own wireless charging kit for the Galaxy S3.

We are fully confused about the Samsung statement. The company first stared that it will be the world’s first resonant chargers which can be charged from a distance.

The current versions of wireless chargers for other mobile has a dock which has to be attached to a mobile for getting it charged but the story of the Galaxy S3 is different.

Just in days Samsung announced that the charger has got delayed till September which caught attention of the accessory manufacture ZENS and they released the much anticipated wireless charger.

The main disappointment comes when we look at the ZENS products. Like all other products of the company in this product also the back cover has to be replaced by the cover provided by the accessory manufacturer. Both white and the pebble blue versions of the charger is ON STOCK. The back cover has the ZENS branding at the back instead of Samsung.

We cannot just leave Samsung, as we all know that the Alliance of wireless power has been started by Samsung only we will not be surprised to see new wireless charging products by the end of the year. If you can wait for the Samsung charger it’s definitely your choice and those who are impatient go ahead and buy the ZENS charger.

So are you buying a charger for yourself today? Give us feedback.

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