Samsung Galaxy S3 Vs. HTC ONE X Battle For The Title Of The King Part 1

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HTC ONE X was released a few months back and was the first device to feature Tegra 3 quad core processor along with some good performance but in terms of software experience there was nothing new that could make it stand apart from other competition.

Now here comes the Galaxy S3 which not only boats impressive hardware and performance but Samsung have also managed to tweak the already installed Android 4.0 to provide something new that you won’t find in any other phone. They have managed to completely redefine the android experience.

In this post we will compare the two smartphones and see which comes at the top. Of course to geeks it will be a difficult choice to make between the two as both of the devices offer things that isn’t available in either of them.

So read on to find out more.

Looks And Feel

Both the device features their own design features each claiming to be the best. HTC ONE X is available in a polycarbonate unibody design that gives it a sleek look and also the device is very comfortable to hold with its rounded contours. With HTC you will get the materials that are used in the NASA gives it a futuristic feel and is quite sturdy.

On the other hand Samsung have gone with a curvaceous form factor which they claim which brings the device close the nature. The device is constructed entirely out of plastic which manages to keep the weight of the device at 133g. But still the device is also comfortable to hold despite being bigger than HTC ONE X.

This category is won by HTC ONE X because of the premium build quality that also makes the device very comfortable to hold.

Comparison Of Display

HTC ONE X comes with a 4.7inch Super IPS LCD2 Display which boasts a resolution of 1280×720. The display provides crisp and sharp colors along with good sunlight legibility. Watching videos is a joy on such a display.

Galaxy S3 comes with 4.8inch Super AMOLED HD display with a resolution of 1280×720. Super AMOLED Display is one of the best displays in the market with excellent sunlight legibility and near infinity contrast levels. The colors are extremely crisp and sharp.

This category is easily won by the Galaxy S3 because of its bigger screen and Super AMOLED display.

Hardware Comparison

HTC ONE X comes with Tegra 3 quad core processor which is clocked at 1.5 GHz and 1GB of RAM. While Galaxy S3 comes with Exynos Quad core processor clocked at 1.4 GHz and 1GB of RAM. The Galaxy S3 comes with Mali-400MP GPU which we all know to be the powerful GPU in the market.

According to various benchmarks it has been seen that both the devices are almost neck to neck in all the test but Galaxy S3 always leaps ahead of HTC mostly due to the optimization done at the hardware level which the software is able to utilize efficiently.

The Winner is the Galaxy S3 because of its impressive hardware performance which leaves all the other devices in a cloud of dusts.

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So do let us know what you think about both the devices. Stay tuned for next part as we take a more detailed look at other features that further sets the devices apart.

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  1. SAMSUNG, tak dalece góruje, że w konsekwencji, te dwa telefony są trudne do porównania. Rozumiem, że na płaszczyźnie specyfikacji istotnie możne je porównywać, bo HTC ma również dość dobre parametry. Ale funkcjonalnie SGS3,nie daje szans najlepszemu smartfonowi HTC.  Należy również pamiętać o tym, że HTC OneX, został oddany użytkownikom, z ogromną ilością poważnych usterek. Migotanie ekranu, czy zawodzący aparat, to tylko niektóre z nich. Nie wspominając o niewymienialnej baterii, która funkcjonuje z błędem systemowym około 7 godzin.  Specyfikacja HTC, przyciąga czterordzeniowym procesorem, jednak w obsłudze zaskakuje on poważnymi spowolnieniami. Znam telefony z jednym rdzeniem, które są bardziej wydajne i szybsze niż HTC One X.

    • Sathishkumar says:

      Witam, masz rację o HTC One wad X i jego wadach ponad Samsung Galaxy S3. Dlatego nie mamy o nich w tym artykule i właśnie używane specyfikacje i funkcje dla tego porównania.

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