Samsung Galaxy S3 vs. IPhone 5 The Rumor Roundup

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The two most anticipated devices of this year are the Samsung Galaxy S3 which will be unveiled in a couple of hours and the other device is Apple IPhone 5 which will be showcased sometime in September at the Apple event which is held every year.

There is no concrete information available on the devices apart from rumors that have been buzzing around about the form factor or the possible specifications. So we have prepared this article where we will be comparing the two top dogs of the year 2012 based on rumors.

So read on to find out we have compiled from all the rumors so far.

Release Dates

In a couple of hours the Samsung event which is being held in London will take place there the most awaited device Galaxy S3 will be released along with another device. This device is most awaited android device because last year its predecessor Galaxy S2 took the mobile world by storm.

It featured a very powerful hardware along with the performance that couldn’t be matched by any other smartphone in the market at that time. So if the last year device is an indication of how good a phone can be than lot of things can be expected from the upcoming Galaxy S3.

Apple will be releasing the next version of IPhone sometime in October because the IPhone 4S has been selling quite well lately and it will be quite some time until Apple comes up with something new.

Design Comparison

There is not much concrete information on what kind of design the Galaxy S3 will sport because the entire thing has been kept tightly wrapped by Samsung. Although few dummy cases have been seen but according to Samsung they were just being handed out to carriers for testing of the hardware.

Now the latest news from Apple about their upcoming IPhone5 it is said the device will sport a new design which will be significantly different from its predecessor. Also Apple has mentioned that the device will be thinner around 8mm thick but its still not confirmed.

As far as the material which will be used for the constructing IPhone5 it will be either Liquimetal for making a light weight phone will other rumors claim that it will be a unibody design similar to previous IPhones.

Display Comparison

According to the rumors that have been floating around the screen size of Galaxy S3 will be at 4.8inch and will support a resolution of 1280×720. Now as far as the display goes it is being rumored that will be a next gen HD Super AMOLED display whether it is a Pentile matrix or traditional RGB matrix remains to be seen.

The doubt will be cleared about the display once the device is unveiled at their event.

As far as IPhone 5 goes the display is going to be at 4inch if rumors are to be believed. Because according to Apple any device with a display bigger than 3.5inch will be too uncomfortable for people to hold and operate. The new display in IPhone 5 could be an advanced retina display which has sharper texts and images than the display of IPhone 4S.

Processor Comparison

By looking at the specs of the released IPad3 you can also imagine that the processor in the IPhone 5 will be dual core featuring a quad core GPU design which will provide the increased the graphic processing needed for the high res display and also for playing 3D intensive games.

On the other Samsung will be using their quad core Exynos chipset which is clocked at 1.4Ghz with Mali-400MP GPU in their Galaxy S3 device. Looking at the specs you can imagine it to be one powerful device.


So there you have the rumor comparison of the two most anticipated device of the year. Stay tuned for more updates on Galaxy S3 as it gets unveiled in London in few hours.

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