Samsung Galaxy SIII’s S-Voice vs. iOS6’s Siri

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If we talk about the U.S market, new Samsung Galaxy SIII hasn’t reached to a lot of people yet but still, it has created some good hype in the market. The most anticipating thing about the new Galaxy SIII was not only the quad core processor used in it but also the voice recognition system known as S-Voice.

Many of you might have seen Siri in action but it is possible that you haven’t seen S-Voice performing its functions so far. To be honest, the S-Voice hasn’t been a great success so far and now that we are hearing about IOS6 coming in the market, of course, new and updated Siri will also be making its way in the industry too.


This can be a challenging point for Samsung but we will have to see first how capable S-Voice is against the popular Siri.

There is no doubt that IOS6 Siri will be equipped with more advance features, tricks and abilities to launch apps, you may be able to access your Facebook, Twitter accounts with the help of voice recognition. If you want to add a new Facebook or Twitter status update, you may be able to do it just by saying the statement to Siri.

The best feature of Siri that is expected to arrive with new IOS6 is that it will be integrated with the new mapping app introduced by Apple. So, if you want to go anywhere, just tell Siri and it will go through the navigation system to find the best way for you.

You can ask Siri “Are we there yet?” and Siri will tell you how many minutes are left before you reach to your destination.

The S-Voice

It is clear that Samsung designed its voice recognition system keeping Apple’s Siri in mind. However, the giant electronic appliances manufacturing company should be given some credit too. They have added some unique features in S-Voice like the Galaxy SIII will wake up with your voice.

You can unlock the phone easily by setting a combination of your face detection and voice input. Siri may get the feature to launch apps but S-Voice can already do that. Similarly, S-Voice can also walk you through the navigation system and get switched into driving mode.

You can do voice dialing with the help of S-Voice, you can compose a memo, you can schedule tasks and search for a contact. There are many other things that you can do with S-Voice like you can take a photo, answer a phone call, search on the internet for an answer.

You can get weather updates just by asking to the S-Voice and you can even send a tweet with the help of this voice recognition system introduced by Samsung in new Galaxy SIII Android smartphone. Some other tasks like adjusting the volume, sending email or text messages and launching music player can be accomplished easily.

Can S-Voice Stand Against Siri?

Well, this is really an important question to ask but of course with new IOS6, Siri will be upgraded which means that it will beat all the new features introduced in S-Voice. To combat against it, Samsung will need to roll out a new version of S-Voice as soon as possible.

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