Samsung Galaxy Tablet 2 Is Now Available On Canadian Market With Two Variety Of Display size

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It seems like Tablet devices are the hottest devices of the market. The trend of computing on hand is highly increasing hence the big guys like Google, Samsung and other as well is behind the person who loves to use powerful  android devices on hand.

Week back Google introduces Nexus 7 a pretty much impressive powerful computer on hand with very cheap $199.00. Samsung also introduces its Galaxy 2 tab and they are already been on the market of UK and US. Now it is on the market of Canada. Samsung Canada is finally releasing the Galaxy tab 2 on Market.

On July 6 Samsung Canada introduces 2 types of Galaxy 2 tablets. The main difference between these two variant is simply of Storage and the screen size. One variant of Galaxy 2 tablet in Canadian market is of 7 inch of display screen along with a data storage capability of 8 GB.

Another variant of Galaxy  2 tab is 10.1 inch with a capability of 16 GB data Storage. Both of these variant has one thing in common and that is ability to work with Wi-Fi connection.

There is another difference between these two variant of Galaxy tab 2 in Canadian Market, that is about their battery size. 4,000mAh battery is to empower the 7.0 inch Galaxy 2 tab while 7,000mAh battery is for 10.1 inch tab.

Samsung Galaxy 2 or Google Nexus 7 ?

Here I have to mention one very interesting thing on the Android tablet market. Google Nexus 7 is a tab of 7 inch display with very cheap price tag but the questionable part is about its no rear camera.

But The galaxy tab 2 in Canadian market has both rear and front camera facility. Its 3MP rear cam with HD video recording and VGA front camera is truly impressive for people love to take photo and also want to buy android tablets.

If you want to know another down side of Nexus 7 with Galaxy 2 tab you have to a lover of caring data on your every device. Nexus 7 has no micro SD memory card slot to insert external cards while Galaxy tab 2 has micro SD slot to carry additional data.

Having said so, I think these reasons make Google Nexus 7 cheaper than other  but to I think there is lots of Canadian who loves additional spaces, bigger screen.

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