Samsung Postponed The Galaxy S3 Release In Canada To June 27

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After the long awaiting demand for Samsung S3, although the company previously knew 9 millions of Samsung Galaxy S3 have been pre-ordered on exclusive demand, which beats Apple’s previous record for IPhone of 4 million.

The high speed and power of Samsung S3 makes this phone a high sought after item and the pre-order sales proves it. Amazing isn’t it? What does the exclusive demand have actually to do with the launching in US which happens immediately before the launching of Canada’s??

The major 5 carriers selling Samsung Galaxy S3 has already been pre-ordered by android fans as Samsung Galaxy S2 had been a major success for the company. Although still haven’t arrived in the market .In the meantime the other sets HTC, One X & Huawei Ascend P1 having similar features arrived in the market.

Samsung Galaxy S3 is so much popular among the fans that Samsung can’t make enough of the handsets, which delayed the Canadian market. These days people around the world are trying to get their hands on as quickly as possible.

Through Twitter, Samsung has announced about the shift in the Galaxy SIII sale from June 20 to June 27 in the country. This is due to the huge demand for Samsung Galaxy S3 handsets. Pre-orders will get filled first as promised by Samsung according to its updates on Twitter.

Samsung Galaxy S3 is a blend of multiple performances and features that we are waiting to see this year. Samsung is thriving on a challenge as the competition hasn’t been idle. Were they trying to modify the user experience and improve over Samsung Galaxy S2 or just reach their goal? It is yet to be revealed.

Many blogs think Samsung concentrated more on Samsung S3’s production in the US and hence it delayed in Canada. The eminent demand of the pebble blue color is also to be blamed to some extent for 1 week delay.

The Canadian customers are handling the delay surprisingly well. The most common comment on the delaying date on the blogs of Samsung “We all have waited so long, what worse it can do for a week”.

Unlike many other countries who cuts off the communication between the customer and the company in such a situation. Samsung and many other carriers are offering updates on updates on Samsung and S3 delay dates and its launches. Samsung’s effort is quite clear; the company is trying its best and taking risks.

Samsung is yet the most anticipated smartphone maker of 2012 maybe basking in attention that it is receiving during its official launch.

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