Samsung S3 VS HTC Galaxy One X: The Ultimate War of High End Android Smartphone

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When we talk about Smartphone, it is quite interesting because number of  android smartphone is huge and when we talk about comparison there are lots titans come to point of talk.

Today we will discuss here between Samsung Galaxy S3 and HTC One X. This is because they are an ultimate weapon for both famous vendors. HTC brought the One X on the market to reposition their brand hence it’s a truly high end on the other hand Samsung is on the flow of Successive S series.

Many media considers both of these gadgets are the best Smartphone nowadays. Both of them are companies based in Korea and also have same terms of technological innovation.

The size and design between these two gadgets are not far adrift even seemed identical. Both Smartphone are using Quad-core processors with android basis technology.

Now, Let we start to compare it.

Body shell of The Warriors:

Both Samsung Galaxy S3 and HTC Galaxy One X have similar dimension size and have only 2 mm different. Samsung Galaxy S3 has a size dimension of 136.6 x 70.6 mm while the HTC One X has a size of 134.4 x 69.9. The second specification of the data S3 Smartphone weighs 133 grams and One X 130 g.

But if you hold it directly I’m sure you will not going to feel the difference in terms of weight.

From material aspect, HTC One X body made from polycarbonate while the Samsung Galaxy S3 is still using the plastic glossy. When we see it from behind it will be found out which one looks classier.

One fact I must mention here-how much do you take care of your phone from getting scratches. If you are don’t want to care much and also want to keep the beauty of the phone same as it is you have to choose the HTC One X.

The reason is its polycarbonate body shell reveals pure white after it get scratches. And that is nicely blending with its body color.

Display: How Friendly you can look at them?

Samsung Galaxy S III using a screen 4.8 “manifold Super AMOLED 720p resolution.  While the HTC One X uses 4.7” IPS LCD2 screens resolution of 720p. See picture below to see their differences.

Both of them have latest display technology that can provide true color and great experience to use. But in my sense HTC one X is more vivid and lively display I have ever seen.

Software and features

HTC still loyal using HTC Sense UI and I’m confessing that this feature are the best for Android type Smartphone. In terms of visual icons and menus look smooth at all and this is great for user to be pleasant with their system.

But that does not mean S3 was not good, it’s just a little better look at the color seen from HTC One X. The good aspect is Samsung provides an online storage space or Dropbox Storage for 50GB, while HTC only provide 25 GB that valid for 2 years.

Battery life

Samsung Galaxy S3 excellence is in power consumption for longer battery life than HTC One X. When making a call, it can last up to 10:20 hours for S3 while the One X only can last up to 9:57 hours. Even while doing activities browsing and watching video Samsung Galaxy S3 is more durable.


Samsung Galaxy S3 and HTC One X have almost similar in price. For Samsung Galaxy S3 we can buy it $ 699 while HTC One X we can have it for $ 630


Both Smartphone has its own advantages. Depending on our needs as well, if want a Smartphone with quad-core long battery select S3. If you want a Smartphone with a luxurious look and strong body case, there is no harm in choosing the HTC One X.

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