Save Your Motorola Droid Bionic With Safestrap

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You own Motorola Droid Bioinic and you are very fond of the device. Who wouldn’t be because it offers very decent specs and performs splendidly but you want to install custom firmware and must have read about different ways on how to do it?

But you mustn’t have read about a much safer way with which you could install custom firmware or do other modification to your droid bionic. You can achieve it by using Safestrap Recovery app.

Safestrap is a custom recovery app which has been claimed by various experts is the safe way of installing custom firmware or doing major modification in a phone which has locked bootloaders. That’s because the app stays away from your phone’s primary system when flashing or doing other modifications.

It must have also happened to you when you are flashing a custom ROM in your phone and sometime it messes up which gets you locked in boot loop or the worst case scenario you used bootstrap for flashing and now you cant access the recovery to restore your previous installation.

Bad things happen but now you can avoid worrying about all those scenarios when you use safestrap for flashing because safestrap works like bootstrap but if things do go wrong you can access the recovery from the boot and revert to your previous OS in a matter of minutes.

How Does Safestrap Works?

After reading so much about it you must be wondering how the heck safestrap works? Well basically the app flashes to your secondary systems. Safestrap has three important components:

  • Safestrap app: this is the main part of the recovery program through which you can install the other parts for recovery process
  • Safestrap Recovery: this recovery is completely based on ClockworkMod which is famously used in most of the android devices. In addition you also get Safestrap menu which will allow you safer control during the flashing of custom ROM
  • Hijack: this is the thing that makes safestrap work which is installed in your primary system the moment you install Safestrap on your device.


Install Safestrap Recovery On Your Droid Bionic

Below we have create a guide for you which you can use to install safestrap recovery and how to use it. BE AWARE you are doing this at your own risk we won’t be responsible for anything.

Before we start make sure that you are using one app either bootstrap or safestrap but never both.

  1. Make a backup of all your information in the device.
  2. If you have bootstrap installed then uninstall it immediately
  3. Make sure you don’t have any other bootstrap app installed in your device before proceeding with safestrap
  4. Download and install the safestrap app
  5. Launch the safestrap app then read and agree to the disclaimer
  6. Tap the button Install recovery in safestrap app
  7. Reboot your phone
  8. When your phone is rebooting you will notice a new splash screen and that screen press the menu button which will allow you to enter the safestrap recovery
  9. You can flash custom ROM in a much safer way.


We hope the guide has been helpful to you and also do let us know what you think after using Safestrap Recovery.

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