Say Good Bye To Mobile Abode Flash: No More Download From Now

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The days are soon going to be over when Android users brag in front of iOS for the support of Flash Player. The Android Operating System bundled Adobe Flash Player from its early days to be specified from the release of Android Froyo version 2.2.

This was released to give tough competition to the “iOS” which did not include flash player and probably will never support ever. Adobe Flash Player became handy for users who wanted to see the flash animations of any website and directly play videos through the website.

Watching videos in YouTube was easier and it did not require installation of any other app. At the start of the Flash Player project the Flash Player experienced lot of issues including high amount of lags and crash.

As the Hardware and the Android Operating System evolved, Adobe Flash Player software also evolved and issues were fixed with regular updates and Flash Player software run in more than million Android devices by time.

The app still eats up most of the RAM of the System but it is just a pleasure to use it on a mobile device.

The company made an announcement on September that they were planning to drop support of the Mobile devices in few months. They commented that they did not intend to develop Adobe Flash player for mobile device any further.

In spite after their announcement Adobe continued providing regular updates to the Adobe Flash Player Android app and it managed to make it stable enough for regular use.

The Wining HTML5 : True words from “Steve Job”

The company knows that with the emergence of HTML5 there is decreasing demand of the Adobe Flash Player which was previously mandatory for any internet browser. With the release of Android Jelly Bean Google Chrome came into prominence and it lacked support of the infamous Adobe Flash Player.

The company has seen this and stated that since Flash Player has no future in Android it will pull out the app from the Play Store on Wednesday. Yesterdays was the last day that you could enjoy using flash player in your Android device and download it from the Android Play Store.

The company has also stated that the devices which are already running Adobe Flash Player could enjoy using Flash Player further; the only problem being that there would be surely no more downloads from now.  Adobe continued that HTML5 is the future and they want to take directions towards the HTML5 compatibility.

We can also say that it is the victory of the late co-founder of Apple Steve Jobs; he called the Adobe Flash Player nothing but “CPU Hog” to the Wall Street Journal. It was on January 30, 2010 that there was the verbal attack from Steve Jobs against Adobe and Google took place.

Job stated that Adobe Flash Player is too much buggy and it has no future. He also continued that HTML5 is the future and guess what this is happening.

So this is a clear victory for Steve Jobs.

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