Scroll Evoke : A New Budget Friendly 7 inch Android Tablet

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The UK-based Storage options released another tablet namely Scroll Evoke. It is the average low-cost 7-inch tablet, but its specs and features are quite interesting. You can buy this tablet for £120. It has capacitive touch screen with Bluetooth wireless technology. It has a sleek and stylish design.

The Scroll Evoke has a powerful dual core 1.6GHz processor combined with a speedy quad core mail-400 graphics processor. Further it comes with android 4.1 Jelly Bean Operating System.

Scroll Evoke

1. Highly Interactive and Cutting Edge IPS Display Technology:

Scroll Evoke comes with the latest In-Plane Switching (IPS) LCD Technology which allows you to enjoy bright and natural images. IPS ensures your scroll can be held in a variety of positions without significantly compromising color quality or contrast ratio. You can enjoy its superior color production at wide viewing angles.

2. Android 4. (JellyBean):

The JellyBean Operating System gives you the fastest and smoothest android experience.

3. Highly Interactive and Customizable Display:

It has a highly reponsive multi-touch capacitive screen that makes all the intuitive actions of Android such as “pinch to zoom” and “swipe ” more natural and smoother than ever. Further you can easily dismiss the apps and notifications with a swipe. The apps folder has been re-designed with widgets now integrated into the same location.

You can move widgets and apps onto your home screens with fluid motions; a long-press of an app icon will also bring up options to uninstall the app or view app info. Swipe through live content using widgets on your home screen and also group apps into folders simply by dragging them on top of each other then giving the folder a suitable name.

4. Smooth 3D & Full 1080P HD output to your TV or Monitor:

It explore you the sensational world of smooth 3D and full 1080P HD. It allows you to connect it to a compatible TV or monitor.

5. Share your media using micro SD:

It’s data storage potential is literally endless. Upto 32GB of expandable extra space is available to store your favorite audio, video files.

6. Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Connectivity:

802.11b/g/n Bluetooth technology is built into this tablet which allows you for easy browsing.

7. Limitless Possibilities with 1000s of apps available:

The Scroll Evoke tablet comes with many pre-installed apps such as BBC News, Facebook, MSN Talk and Twitter.

Simply, we can say that the Scroll Evoke tablet is a perfect choice for internet browsing, Games, Videos, and host of other applications.

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