Searching Content Has Never Been This Easier

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Mostly when browsing through our android phone looking for a specific file we are unable to find it and then fall back on the Google search that is available on our android device to find the specific item in our phone or to find that item on the web. Doing the search is easy just you have to type in the Google search and it will search through your files and let you know whether that particular item is available or not.

Well now you can rely on other search apps that will let you find out your files. Some of these apps provide more functionality then the pre-installed Google search app. Some of these apps are:

1.  Gesture Search:

This new app has been released from Google labs and will allow you to search through your phone by drawing letters on the screen in the blink of an eye. You no longer have to open the search bar and type for what you’re looking for. Just draw the letter on the screen and the app will look for the corresponding name by browsing through your contacts, audio tracks, apps and bookmarks. If the gestures are not clear then it will provide you with closest matched result. This app is available for free on android market.

2.  Aurora Universal Search:

This is one of the popular search engines that is available on the android market for free. It is a full text device search tool that will browse through everything on your phone and display the results to you. It can also search through sms/mms which very few search apps are capable of. After installing it you need to go to options and select where you want the app to search for. You can even select calendar and it will make sure to go through the calendar entries and display you the result.

3.  Search device:

Another multi-purpose app that will allow you to search through your phone not by just typing but also you can do so by drawing gestures or using voice command. You can enable the voice command and say the name of the thing you’re searching for. The app will search through not only your contacts and files but also through different application to find what you’re looking for. It offers you a complete search and also allows you to launch the app from within the search device app. Some of the features of this app are:

  • Search your application
  • Search stored web pages and bookmarks
  • Search through music, albums etc.
  • Search contacts
  • Search and tap the item to launch it directly

 4.  Contact search:

You’re not looking for a search that will go through your entire phone database because such search sometime takes time to complete so you need a search which will display you only the contacts you’re looking for then you don’t have to look further then Contact search. This app will search through all your contacts and display you the name that you were looking for very quickly and efficiently. You can expand the search to other contact fields so even if you just remember the email id or name of the firm or date of birth then you can search and find out that contact. This useful app is available in android market for free.

You can also find out some other useful android apps that will give you a new experience in using your device. 

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