Shady Contacts : An App to Control Privacy on Your Android Phone

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Privacy in the smartphone is very important. To prevent your contacts or your favorite messages from the prying eyes of parents and your friends. Many apps are available to protect your phone. Here is another app called Shady Contacts.

This app allows the users to hide user-defined messages, contacts and call logs through a neat interface. You can access your contacts only with a password pin or pattern. It require users to import various contacts into the app to allow privacy control of those contacts.

Shady Contacts

Once it is imported, the messages and call logs with that contact will be displayed and by default, any further contact with that person will be hidden from stock android apps. Then settings of this app allows the users to hide past conversations and logs with contacts, an option to auto destroy them, and to show Shady Contacts icon in the app drawer, among many other configurations.

This app is compatible with any android device running version 2.1 and newer, and the app is available for free from Google Play Store.

Features of Shady Contacts app:

☆ It allows you to hide SMS and Call logs away from stock apps
☆ Unlock code protection (PIN or pattern)
☆ Option to hide app from launcher (by default, dial ***123456### to open)
☆ Auto-lock (don’t use app for awhile), auto-destroy (after wrong code some times), quick lock
☆ Restore call logs/text message from/to stock apps
☆ 100% Holo theme

So, guys if you are looking to control your privacy in your android phone then we recommend this app for you.


a) Add Contact to Shady:

  • First swipe to contact tab.
  • Then touch the “Add button”.
  • Select a number or type a custom number.
  • Customize notification. Please notice that Shady Contacts tries to clear stock notification and shows its own notification with customized message. So that no one know the sender if he/she takes your phone.
  • Once a contact is added to Shady, all call logs and messages will be no longer in stock apps and automatically move to Shady Contact.

b) Make a Call:

You can make a call from stock Dialer or in Shady Contact. To start a call from Shady Contact, touch on a Call Log tab or a contact tab.

c) Receive a Call:

You can accept an incoming call as usual. When the call is end, the call log will be moved to Shady Contact automatically.

d) Send a text message:

  • Touch on a message tab or a contact tab to open conversation thread screen
  • Type a message.
  • Touch on “Send” button.

e) Manage Shady’s Call logs/message:

  • Touch on button
  • Select call logs/messages
  • To restore (to stock apps), touch on button
  • To delete, touch on button

f) Others:

  • Quick lock, touch on button
  • Enable/disable Shady Contact: Settings/Enable Shady Contacts
  • Enable/disable notification: Settings/Show notification
  • Change unlock type: Setting/Unlock type to select PIN or pattern method
  • Auto destroy: Setting/auto destroy to wipe data after a number of wrong unlock code
  • Hide app icon: Setting/Show app icon to remove app’s icon from the launcher. To open, dial a number (default is ***123456###)
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