Share Files Between Multiple Android Devices And PC Using X-Link

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Sometimes you some files that you want to share with your friends or you just want to back up your files and data to your PC at such times either you can use the USB cable or Bluetooth.

But now there comes another way via which you can share files between multiple android devices and also between PC as well. The app is called X-Link and is developed by an XDA developer called joschi70.

What joschi70 did was follow number of users review and requests and their feedback on what would be the seamless way of sharing files between devices without the need for extensive setup.

Because majority of mobile users don’t want to spend their time fiddling with the settings of the app just to make it work so based on all these things he came up with X-Link which will allow you to transfer files between devices without any setup.

Best thing about this app is just download and install it. That’s it and you can begin sharing files immediately without any extensive sharing procedures. The app utilizes multicasting to search for devices that are connected within the same network.

Also the developer has developed a PC version of the app with which you can transfer files between PC and laptops as long as they are connected on the same WI-FI network.

So say goodbye to extensive network setup and maintenance now just install the PC version of the app which is Java based and it matters not whether you are using windows or linux.

Another good feature of the app is that unlike most other file sharing apps you can select the entire directory and send it without the need for selecting individual files. So send all the files in the directory in first attempt.

How To Use X-Link

Now most android users would be baffled after they have installed the app because its true that you don’t need extensive network setup to make this app work but you need to set it up little bit so that you can prepare for file transfer on the same WI-FI network.

So we have prepared for you a short guide that will help you to get started and will familiarize you with the functions of app in no time.

  1. After launching the app you will see a large switch which is the toggle button for making your device visible on the network
  2. The moment when someone sends you a file you will be notified whether you want to receive the file or not and where you want to save the file.
  3. When you want to share go to X-Link sharing menu.
  4. Select the device you want to share with and make sure that X-Link is running on the device to which you want to share the file with.

The desktop version of X-Link is still in beta stages so it has some bugs that needed to be sorted out related to multicasting which the developer is hard at work to solve.

So there you have a hassle free way of wirelessly transferring files between devices. You can download X-Link from Play Store for free and give it a go and do let us know how you find using the app.

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