Shield Your Teen from the 5 Biggest Threats on the Internet

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Although the internet has brought some great features that have made our lives a whole lot easier, it has also brought a ton of dirt with it, making it unsafe for the younger generation. Threats on the web are continuously increasing, but there are five online dangers that you really need to be wary of, as failing to give them due attention can put your kids’ mental and physical well-being at risk. Let’s take a look at these five threats in detail.

Porn Addiction

Pornographic content is readily available on the web. Teens in particular are strongly attracted to such content, owing to their curious minds and the overwhelming hormonal changes. However, some kids just take this habit a bit too far as they begin to sneak a stroll in these dark corners of the web at every given opportunity. Access to Android phones and other web-connected devices makes it even easier for kids to do that. Although the problem is widespread and on a constant rise, it can be easily dealt with through deployment of parental control apps like ShieldMyTeen as they allow you to simply block any site that you don’t want your youngsters to be visiting. They even allow you to view kids’ browsing history, thus making it easier for you to find out if internet privileges and are being abused and an intervention has become necessary.



Cyberbullying is another big problem that has been introduced by internet. Previously, kids were only bullied in schools and playground, but they found solace at home. However, that’s not the case anymore as bullies continue to target kids round the clock through different platforms such as SMS, instant messaging services, social media, etc. Kids don’t like to share the bullying experience with their parents so they keep it all to themselves, hence bearing the entire burden. Here once again parental control tools come in handy as it gives you access to kids’ cellular and online communications. Gaining this information can help you know if something is wrong in their lives and thus enable you to act in time.

Image Sharing

MMS is a medium for image sharing, and since cameras have gotten integrated into smartphones, their use has increased. While some MMS exchange may be harmless, there would certainly be images that kids shouldn’t be sharing with anyone. Rather than leaving this particular medium unsupervised, assuming that kids have moved on to more popular image sharing platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, etc., you should do the smart thing by using a digital parenting aid to monitor every MMS sent or received. After all, it’s better to be safe than sorry.


Sexting is a form of texting that involves exchanging sensual messages. This trend has taken off since the arrival of social media platforms. If you suspect that your kids are also caught up in this mess and are sexting someone, then you should just go ahead and block that app. Your youngsters may get angry at first, but soon they will realize their mistake. You must also hold on to your resolve and remember that the safety of your kids come first.

Harmful Apps

It is your responsibility as parents to always see what your kids have installed on their smartphones. Teenagers are excitable and can recklessly fall in for anything that seems attractive. As a result, it’s not unusual to find them downloading inappropriate apps from the app stores. This is why you should check devices of your kids on regular basis and if you notice an app that could prove to be harmful, then just block it. Again, parental controls make blocking apps a cinch.

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