A Comprehensive Review of Simple Alarm System App

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Are you a person of hiding some personal photos, videos and some other important password in your smartphone. Don’t you like that by using your smartphone by others.

Then here is a great and funny app for you. It will alert you if someone try to grab or move your phone away from you while you are absent or not watching.

Simple Alarm System

The app is called ‘Simple Alarm System’. Using this app you can set up an alarm in your android smartphone. It will notified you when someone is playing with your phone.

The Default alarm sound is there in the Simple Alarm System app. If you don’t like then you can set your own alarm by recording your own sounds and messages. The message can be either neutral messages or direct spoken message to the person who might take your phone. You can record the message as much as you want but aware that only the last message will be saved in your device and that can only be used as alarm.

Once you installed this app in your smartphone you can see the big lock button in the middle of the home screen. Press on the button; then you see the app’s states changed from locked to unlocked and vice versa. Unlocked state is when the app is not active and device is not protected. Locked state means app is active and device is not protected.

If you run the app for the first time, the press the “lock” button. It will automatically allow you to record the message. You can go to “recording” screen directly from there. Or, if not, you can do that later by choosing the menu option: “Record Message”.

Simple Alarm app

Once you record the message, go back to the home screen and press lock button to activate the app. From that moment, everytime when the device goes to sleep, app starts measuring the movements with its sensor.

Activating the alarm:

If movement is detected, device first lights up the “lock screen” offering the chance to get unlocked. If it doesn’t get unlocked on time, alarm will be played.

This chance to unlock the screen before alarm starts is there because it might be that person taking the device is you. In most situations that will be the case. So, in order to prevent false alarming, unlocking the screen in the same time deactivates the alarm.

By default, screen has to be unlocked within 2 seconds to deactivate alarm. You can change this period from “settings” screen.


Since all the android devices are the same, the app won’t work better when compared with another one. So, there is a option to adjust your app to work best in your device depends on the device model.

There are couple of things you can change in the Simple Alarm System app:

1. Activation time :

Time between the moment phone goes to sleep and activation of the alarm system.

2. Unlock time :

Time between the moment of detected movement and playing the alarm.

So, guys if you want to use this app in your device then get it from Google Play Store. It is absolutely free. So, just make a try and tell us how it works? and how you are enjoying by using that app?

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