Skype Or Viber Which Would You Choose?

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Skype has been dominating the PC world for quite some time by offering cheap rate for making calls and also their service is very good. With the release of android app Skype were able to take it one step further.

With the availability of 3G connection and WI-FI connection one could use Skype to make phone to phone calls or send messages for free. You could even make mobile to mobile video calls almost for free by using Skype.

But a month back Viber was released and it also offers similar functionality and service. So which one to choose? How to know which one is better. To find out the good app we will take a look at advantages and disadvantages offered by both Viber and Skype.


The android skype app is very user friendly app. After you have installed the app you will be required to log in with your existing Skype account or you can create a new account.

After you have logged in you will be asked whether you want to sync all your contacts with Skype or not. The syncing some time takes a while to complete and after the syncing is complete you can start using the Skype freely.

Skype offers one of the most amazing voice qualities that you can expect from a VoIP client. Over 3G or Wi-Fi the Skype to Skype call is crystal clear. Even the video call was smooth over 3G connections.

You can visit the Skype website to check out the list of supported devices and also you can purchase credits in the event you have to make international calls.



Viber is a very simple app. At the beginning because of its simplicity you might be put off but you must check out at what the app can offer.

You can download the app for free from the Play Store and after installation has completed you need to activate the app. To do that you need to enter your phone number to which Viber will send an activation code as SMS.

You need to enter that activation code and after that you can start using Viber. Viber will sync all your contacts in phonebook within seconds. When you tap on a contacts name you will see the options Call Viber and Send message. For the option to work you need a 3G plan or WI-Fi connection.

The good part about viber is that you don’t always have to launch the app when you receive call because at that moment the app launches automatically. Although the voice quality lacks behind Skype it gets better as the call progresses.

Another good part of Viber is that it completely integrates with your device unlike Skype which requires going online every time you want to use it. Viber doesn’t have that requirement but to use the Viber call and free message you should be online or have 3G enabled.



Both apps are best and they do their job fine. Although with Viber you don’t get the video call option unlike Skype but viber can become your regular messaging and calling app.

But if you like making video calls then skype is the best choice.

Do let us know what you think and how you felt using either skype of Viber.

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  1. VIBER!

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    SKYPE,RESTA IL MIGLIORE!  almeno posso scegliere a chi dare il mio contatto, a differenza di viber che sincronizza tutta la rubrica,anche a persone che non desidero, che poi non posso neanche bloccare!

  3. LOL!!!!!! ett tips: lär dig stava, idiot.

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