SkyPhrase- A New Speech Recognition App With Higher Artificial Intelligence

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It has started by apple as USP of iPhone 4S, yes i am talking about Siri, the virtual assistant on smartphone.  As edge of competition is getting more and more sharp for smartphone market, another giant introduced an alternative, fairly different virtual search assistant android application.

The search giant Google introduces the Google Voice on their another cutting edge release of android jellybean 4.1.

It has not been a year yet, the smartphone user have figured out smartly that Siri does not understand all of there commands, even though apples marketing promise was to get people a virtual assistance who can interpret human languages without any syntax.

On the other hand Google voice seems did not get much flexibility to smartphone users language to. its like you need to train your phone with lots effort to get your feelings. The best part of the Google voice is best search result and as its a Google product it must be good at search.

Now after not long time of these two big boys effort on artificial intelligence a new stunt is on market to make an emotional smartphone experience. No wonder Google and apple did an amazing job but its pretty much sure that both of them were not linguistically enriched to interpret human like response.

Nick Cassimatis, a cognitive science professor is start up leader of SkyPhrase has got another stunt to show on artificial intelligence technology.

He claims that SkyPhrase is more linguistically informed. One thing is pretty much understandable that Siri and Google voice did not understand the language of users as they say.

It seems like that both the giants were feeding the application with dictionary words.  Syntactical relation and interpretation of conjunction is the key to give back the response like human. SkyPhrase insider claims that if you ask command SkyPhrase that you need the restaurant address which your friend sent you yesterday, say it “restaurant address from johns yesterday email.

SkyPhrase can find out the tweet from your twitter account and task like searching the flight schedules. Whatever they claims it to be, now its time see how it helps real life end users. they are promising to give much more polished app but yet now Siri and Google is much more polished app as virtual assistance.




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