Smart Analytics Helping You To Keep Tabs On Your Calls

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We receive many calls on our phone daily sometimes more from one number then others but at the end of the day we just can’t tell about it because there are much more pressing matters that require your attentions.

There are many apps in the android market that help you to keep tabs on your phone calls and let you know how much time you are spending on making and receiving calls. But none of the apps are smart apps and aren’t able to do the tracking in real time.

Smart Analytics is an app which you can set up very easily and with which you can track how many calls you are receiving or making to a certain contacts. It will also display the miss calls from that specific contact.

Smart Analytics is also more useful when you are on prepaid connection and want to keep a tab on the amount of time you are spending on your prepaid balance. At the end of the day smart analytics can display the total duration of calls that you have made or received and how much credits you have spent on your calls.

Sometimes seeing all the numbers displayed becomes confusing so Smart Analytics helps you to sort this problem out by displaying the data in the form of graphs or chart which makes more sense than just numbers.

You can even choose to display the call statistics from the last 30days also. The app also gets integrated into your contact list and you can see form which contact you have been receiving most calls.

Not only that you can also check all you’re other contacts on your phonebook to see the detailed view on them.

You can also see the number of times you were able to make successful connection to the contact you called and the number of times the line dropped. Don’t think that smart analytics is just used for giving you the statistics on the calls that you are making and receiving.

From the home screen of the app with just a single click you can see the internal storage of your phone. How much internal storage is remaining and how much you are consuming.

The app is still being continuously updated and developed. The app developer has promised some deeper integration along with other features of the android so that the app stays true to its name in providing you with smart analysis of your device.

Smart Analytics Can Help To Save On Your Prepaid Connections

There are people out there who would complain about the usefulness of such an app in the device other than consuming the memory.

Well having such app in your phone is very beneficial because you can keep a track of all the calls that are being made and received on your phone. Moreover if you are on a prepaid connection like in some countries where postpaid connections are expensive then this app is very helpful.

Because you can calculate the amount you spend on calls and from that you can decide whether calling a person for certain matter is useful or not or whether sending a text message will get the job done or not.

Try out Smart Analytics from android market where its available for free and let us know what you think about it.

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