Smart WiFi Toggler : An App to Control Your Phone’s WiFi Using Location Based Rules

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If you forget to turn the Wi-Fi off before leaving a wireless hot spot then your device battery will suffer a lot. It would be great if your device enabled the WiFi automatically when you were in range of a hot spot and disabled when you left that. Now, it can be done by a Smart WiFi Toggler.

It is an app designed to control your phone’s WiFi using location based rules. Its preliminary aim is to preserve the battery and minimize the data charges by turning WiFi off when not connected to a network, and turning it on when a known hotspot is present.

It constantly learns where your hotspots are located to make its decisions. It will be a very useful app if you frequently forget to turn WiFi off when leaving a hotspot, or if you want to automatically switch from mobile data to WiFi to conserve battery whenever you are back into a hotspot.

Features of Smart WiFi Toggler:

  • It automatically learns your WiFi Hotspot locations.
  • It turns WiFi off when disconnected from WiFi network.
  • It Automatically turns WiFi on when near a known hotspot.
  • It uses your network location. No GPS battery drain.
  • It provides the ability to control “auto connect” behavior for each hotspot.
  • It provides the ability to lock WiFi to a disabled state.
  • It gives the warning notification and auto-locking WiFi when a hotspot is down.
  • History and logging, in addition to a view of what is going on under the hood.

Future Features:

  • Scheduled toggling of the data connection
  • Cell data manipulation
  • Temp or time based locking of WiFi
  • Secure WiFi/Location data sharing.
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