Smashing New Android Games Released In October 2012

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If you think the first releases in the month of October were a success for the hardworking team behind the Android ve 2.4, well, the first half was just the beginning. After rejoicing the unveiling of the new Android system to the world, celebrating its success in different phones and the love of the much awaiting audience, they really did put up a show later too.

In the last weeks of October, they showcased a second version of what was the new release of the year 2012 by Google. With the most irresistible Android games in history, they are surely to keep you much busy. They are perfect for those stressed out students, employees and even employers who seek rest. Play these irresistible nine games which would surely give you company for the next few months. 9 games for one solution, that is, DE-STRESS!

Games have always been the ultimate favorite for many, saga, super Mario and even angry birds are quite popular among teens and oldies. Every Android seems to have a relaxing game tucked up in some folder or corner of the phone; may it be one of the many card games. “Pool”, “golf”, “need for speed” and what not? There are a gazillion games played, loved and shared by consumers daily. Many of these games are free, yet some come with a price, quite minimum in figures.

Releases of late October 2012

  • Funky smugglers: so the scenario is that of an airport, there are passengers waiting to board yet they need to be checked. As the passengers pass through the x-ray scan, you remove all items in red color, (harmful, dangerous items), before the passenger leaves the scanner. It costs US$1.00 on Google play store.
  • 2XL Super cross “HD”: with a lot of variety for bikes and clothes you must ride the bicycle in a steady manner. It’s a virtual game that requires extra attention for you must learn how to ride through the track that has loads of hurdles. It costs US $5.00 on Google play store.
  • Ghost busters: paranormal blasts: we all know ghost busters pretty well but its game version is just so cute. A perfect game for Halloween. Help kill ghosts and gain victory. Its costs US $2.00 on Google play store.
  • Royal revolt: magic is in the air, especially in this game; help get back the kingdom on this absolutely free game. Destroy the territories of aunts and uncles and conquer the land that rightfully belongs to you.
  • Wars online: swords, arches, castles, destruction and amazement. Wars online is completely free available on Google play store. Fight in the old methods, slowly s scheming properly to conquer lands.
  • Chrono trigger: the adventurous game that takes you on missions to find the inventor of john Chrono, this super amazing game will cost you US $15.00 on Google play store.

These are just a few of the many releases of October 2012, there is still more in hand. Google works to provide quality so stay tuned.

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