SMS Backup Android

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When it comes to backing up your SMS there is no better way to do it than the android application that is available for free, if you want to back up all your SMS data and send it to the cloud then the android platform by Google allows you to do this by a very easy to use application.

You do need to have the IMAP settings correctly adjusted in your Gmail settings on the device but once that is done then it means that you can delete the emails from your device and then you can actually save them to the cloud so they are not actually lost but it means they are not actually clogging up the data allowance space on your hard drive on the device meaning that it runs faster.

SMS Backup Android

If you have too many SMS messages on your device then you will start to notice that your SMS application will start to run slow and it will time out when you are typing messages. I know this personally as I have had issues when I have had over 1,000 SMS from 1 person in my SMS application on the phone, I noticed that everything started to actually run slow and it even slowed down my operating system on the phone so it made Google android run a little bit slower but as soon as I backed up all my SMS messages using the SMS back up then everything started to run super fast again.

There is ways to save SMS messages without an android phone but let me tell you to be honest they are not as good, the best way to do it is to get the application the android device. Even the Apple iPhone and Blackberry cell phones do not offer a service which is as good as the Google Android SMS back up application.

We all know that we want to save SMS messages, they are like emails and they are a part of our life, it is always good to have them safe and secure so you can reference them whenever you need them and by putting them safely and securely in the cloud then its fine.

If you use the SMS back up option then you will start to notice a huge difference in the speed of your Google android enabled cell phone device and the effects will be seen the strait away, as soon as you run the application you will notice that you have a lot more spare space in your hard drive on the device and that space can be for music and videos and also to download applications as if you have too many SMS messages then you are using valuable space where you could actually use that for applications.

Some android enabled phones do have hard drive space up to 32GB, and if that’s the case then its not a problem really but even if you do have a large amount of space available on your hard drive on your Google android phone then I would still recommend you use the SMS back up option.

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