SMS SyncUp : A tool to Upload/Backup your SMS to Gmail

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Hi guys if you want to store any of your important messages in your Gmail account then definitely the app SMS SyncUp will help you.

SMS SyncUp-1

Follow the given below steps to implement the same:

1. First install the SMS SyncUp app in your device.

2. Then choose your Gmail Account

3. Then open the app, and fill the Send To: with the Gmail ID to which you want to backup SMS.

4. After that go to Menu “Login”(it is not an actual login, you need to configure your Gmail account for it).

5. Login should enable the SMS folders dropdown with all your SMS folders.

6. Select the folder to backup.

7. Go to Menu “Sync SMS Folder”. This should start the message conversion to mail format. Progress will be displayed.

8. On completion it will prompt and then ask you if you want to sync.

8. Syncing would send Emails with Subject IMAPSMS| :Sender and the body will contain Message and time, the subject should help you to create proper rules in your gmail account.

Update for V0.6 :

This update will add the option to sync all folders

It also add the option to delete messages older than specified date after sync.

Please make a note that the messages already synced won’t be synced again, but still if you want to do the same then delete id.txt from installation/program folder.

SMS SyncUp -2

How to Set:

1. First open the app go to menu and login.

2. Select your Gmail account

3. Then again select the folder you want to sync messages from.

4. Then go to menu ->Schedule->Set the time (if the time u set up is less than current it will set it up for next day else on the same day)

5. Click Set, if succeeded it will show the scheduled time else will show the error.

6. If you want to de-schedule it click de-schedule.

7. Schedule will run the app at that time upload the text in mail and will try to sync.

NOTE : Sync will be successful only if you are connected to internet, this app won’t automatically do it.

8. Default limit of one time sync is 50 if you want to change it, after login select Menu ->Message Limit and enter the number of messages u want to upload per sync. This will also be used in Scheduled sync.

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