Soccer And Football Apps For Android Users

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Soccer and Football are two favorite games that are enjoyed by majority of the crowd at all times. There are many fans out there who want to remain updated about their favorite teams at all times so that they can support their team no matter where they are.

Now it’s possible because android will help you to stay connected with your team no matter where you are and also will allow you to play virtual games with your team against your friend to have a nice time with them. Read on to find out the best soccer and football apps that android has to offer.

1.     Soccer Scores – FotMob

This is the best app for you when you are busy in work or with some project and you aren’t able to go to the stadium or tune to your favorite sports channel to watch your teams play. This app will provide you live score about the game and keep you updated about the team’s progress.

This app will provide you with scores from over 20 soccer leagues which includes premier league, major league, bundesliga and many more. Other than keeping you updated about the game this app will give you various information and updates regarding your team off the ground. This app is available for free from Play store.

2.     Football FreeKick (soccer)

If you are a diehard fan of soccer then this is the right soccer game for you. It is a very addictive game that lets you use simple swipe gestures to get the ball into the goal. You can even share the results with your friends for more fun.

As you progress in the game the difficulty level keeps on increasing. The moment you think you have gotten the hang of the game you will be faced with a new challenge. Download this game for free.

3.     Real Football 2012

If you have been looking for more challenging game then the football free kick then real football 2012 is the ideal game of choice for you because it offers impressive graphics that are comparable to the graphics that you could have gotten from your Playstation.

In addition to the amazing graphics you also get 350 teams and 14 leagues with thousands of real player’s name which makes the game more interesting. You can also select from different types of games to play such as exhibitions, international cup match and training mode. The best part is that this game is available in Play Store for free.

4.     Sky Sports Live Football SC

If you are not satisfied with just scores and statistics then you can give this app a try because not only does it feature statistics but also live commentary directly from the stadium where the match is being held. You can hear and enjoy the details about the match as if you were hearing it from the radio.

Other than live commentary you can check up live pictures of the match and also the lineup of the match. The app will also give you access to live scores with instant updates as the score changes.


So there you have some of the best soccer and football apps for fans out there. Try out these apps and do let us know which app you found to your liking.

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