Some Of The Best Android Gangster Games

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Some of you like to have the action packed thrilling games on your android device as they are more fun and enjoyable then the puzzle based games which usually gets boring in a short time.

Gangster games are pretty famous even in the PC gaming Grand theft auto which is a famous gangster is highly popular and played enthusiastically by many people due to its action and a story line. Now you can get similar experience in android with gangster games that are available for download from the android market.

In this article I have mentioned some of the gangster games that I found to be interesting and a good way to pass the time other than being busy with puzzle based games.

1.  Mob Wars:

Mob wars is the original gangster game that started off in the Facebook and after it became highly popular now it’s available in the android market  for people to enjoy it in their android market.

If you have played the time based Facebook version then you should be familiar with the game play; wait for energy to do missions or use it to level up. It’s a very good game with a nice storyline and amazing graphics. This is the game of choice for the Facebook addicts.


2.  iMobsters:

This game uses the same strategy as the mob wars. So what is different in this game? Well the graphics are very good, you get tons of options that you can try out while playing which isn’t available in the Mob wars.

You will definitely enjoy imobsters because it offers the same thing with a twist.


3.  Mafia farm:

If you have played Farmville then you will feel right at home because instead of having farms you will be having a mafia farm. It’s fun because you will be able to plan mob wars and also do missions that are just hilarious.

The cartoonish graphics is also fun and it brighten things up as it provides some fun which is different from the seriousness that you get from playing the previous two games.


4.  Pocket Mafia:

This game is the same as the mob wars or imobsters. But the difference in this game is that it is filled with content and is long as you won’t be able to finish this game quite easily.

Even the storyline is solid and also you get a photo shopped opening screen which is different from other games. If you’re looking for something different than the other mobsters then you can try this one out.


5.  Gang Wars:

This game is much more fun when you’re playing with other players because it is a MMORPG mobster action game. It is optimized to run on smartphone so you will have more fun with it when you’re playing it in your phone rather than the tablet.

This game has got a lot of good reviews and you should definitely try it out with your friends.


6.  9mm:

This is a very different action packed game. The gameplay is similar to the Max Payne where you kill lots of gangsters in very stylish ways. The game has some good 3D graphics and also features a decent storyline.

This game also supports multiplayer and team death match which makes it more fun to play with your friends.


So there you go some of the best gangster games that you can try out on your device. Some of them you can play with your friends also and do let us know which game you liked the best.


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