Some of the Best Android Security Apps

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Due to the open source nature of android it has enabled many users to develop custom apps and even custom firmware for the android devices that are available. Also because of this openness of the android it also becomes a security threat to the user’s stored information.

Many kinds of hackers and fraudulent developers design apps with malicious intent of stealing user information related to their credit card or introduce some kind of virus or malware that may end up damaging your device and your data.But don’t worry as there is evil side there is also a good side. Many developers are developing security apps that are aimed at detecting malicious software and also keep your device safe and secure from the threat of viruses.

Our PC’s have many trusted anti-virus software that keeps us safe and now PC anti-virus developers have joined the android ranks and have developed anti-virus for our android device that perform an excellent job in keeping us safe and secure.

In this article we will go through some of the best security apps that are available in android market for free.


1.  Lookout Mobile Security:

This is a very useful app that besides from scanning virus it also will locate your phone if you lost it and activate an alarm. It is a multi-awarded app and the best part of this app is that its very battery friendly.

You will be even able to create a backup of your contacts. If you get the paid version which costs $30 per year then you obtain the following features:

  • Privacy advisor for different apps
  • Seamless data transfer to a new phone


2.  AVG Mobilation Antivirus Free:

This is also very famous app that was previously marketed under the name of DroidSecurity. This app is able to perform a scan of all the things that are stored in your device and also has the capability of locking your phone when the phone is not with you.

You can also get the paid version which is without ads and also has Applocker which will allow you to lock your apps with a password and also protect your inbox from spam SMS.


3.  Norton Mobile Security:

Norton antivirus has been around for many years protecting your PC from all kinds of threat. Now they have released an app for android devices although it’s in beta stage it performs very effectively and efficiently.

Some of the features of this app are:

  • Antivirus protection
  • Remote locate/wipe/lock
  • Call and SMS screening
  • Norton automatically locks the phone once the registered SIM in the phone is removed


4.  Athigo Mobile Security Advisor:

This app unlike the other antivirus apps doesn’t offer any scanning features instead what it offers are some security advises after comparing it with a list of expert recommendations. If your device has security risks you will be instantly notified about it.

Some of the features of this app are:

  • Complete overview of security of your android device
  • Notification when any changes are made to your device
  • Prioritize security problems
  • Automatically fix the security problems
  • Provides step by step instruction on how to set up and solve various security problems


There you go some of the most popular free antivirus and security apps in the android market which help to keep you device more safe and secure.

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