Some Very Powerful Apps Of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS)

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Android is most famous OS nowadays which runs in many world famous devices like Sony, LG, Motorola, Samsung etc. One of the major reasons of the popularity of Android is it’s outclass apps which makes users addicted of Android. In new Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) there are many mind blowing apps. You will read about them in this post.

Better Web Browsing

Fast browsing is a must feature of any browser. Android provides a tabbed browser which gives quick views of web pages and allows users to switch quickly from one tab to another tab. It can save up to 16 tabs and users can remove unwanted tabs by a simple flick.

By default it opens mobile versions of web pages but it can also open the full desktop version of the same web pages. Users can save the pages for offline use if a user is on the place where he/she cannot get internet service there he/she can use offline save pages.

Next-level Gmail

New Gmail displays summarize previews of every email. Users can get a quick preview of email. Below each message, it includes an action bar. By using this action bar users can perform most common actions on their messages. Android provides offline search option without going online. Users can search for emails within the last 30 days.

Easier Calendar App

For users to help follow their everyday schedules, Android provides more simple and more readable design of Calendar app. The new Calendar app features a simpler and more readable design, which makes it easy for you to follow your everyday schedules. By pinching the screen users can get the details or overview of any day.

Photo Snapping and Editing Made Better

Android 4.0 has the faster camera app that allows users to capture their precious moments faster. It also provides the facility of panorama shoot. Photo sharing is a lot easier in new photo app even users can share photos on Facebook, Google+, or twitter by one click.

Built-in photo edit tool is included in new Android 4.0. With your Android 4.0 you can directly crop, edit or filter your photos. Continuous Focus, Time Lapse, Video snapshot and Zoom While Recording are the features which makes Android phone camera more powerful.

These are the cool features of Android phone camera and with these features no one has any need to take extra camera with them.

People App Centered on People

The redesigned people app has the best features which makes social updates easier and shows contact details in a beautiful way. “People app” shows wide range of contact details of your contacts like phone numbers, social networking updates, addresses and much more. It shows photos with your contacts from the Gallery.

Above described are the most important and most useful apps of Android. After reading this post you can get maximum benefits from your Android device.

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