Sony’s New Tablet -SGPT1211 Approved By FCC- The Second Generation Of Tablet S

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It’s not a total leak of a new baby of tablet world, we just got the name of the very new tablet of Sony Corporation Japan From Federal Communication Commission (FCC) . Nothing more was revealed from anywhere else of the tech reviewer. But it is pretty sure that this is the second generation of the very recent tablet SONY S.

A $600 price tag with very old android running on Tegra 2 Computer was not very impressive offer to tablet lovers and that is the reason the buzz for Sony S tablet was no beyond limited time. And being SONY, i thought at that time they should come up with another tablet offer to catch up the competition of tablet market. And its obvious now SONY is to offer a very new tablet. 

Hope For the tablet with best android experience

Main issue with SONY tablet S was obviously its specs along with its “androidblity”. It’s time of experiencing butter with Jelly Bean 4.1 or at least ICS to get cutting edge android experience. And obviously to get very smooth and new Jelly Bean 4.1 or even ICS on hand SONY must need to offer people to grab a very powerful CPU along with GPU.

That simply means Tegra 3 or  a quad core Snapdragon S4 Pro. There is another reason for offering powerful system on SONY new tablet. SONY has pretty good fame on gaming and they must be thinking to leverage that to get this new tablet on gamers hand.

SONY seems won’t miss to make the new SGPT1211a play-station certified device to play the old games. More the Android platform games are getting better and fascination day by day. All of my prediction on this New SONY baby is to see it as Exclusively android with all new cutting edge androidblity.

If you want a prediction on its screen and size i have to give some credit to SONY first. it is because of Sony’s  moving out of the box and taking challenge  more bigger screen table to hold like its not tough to hold bigger display.

Tablet S is more than 9 inch and my prediction here is also getting the new one around the 9 or 10 inch. Currently we see Google brought it up to 7 inch with Nexus 7 but i believe that by bringing up a 10 inch tablet on peoples hand they will keep it perfectly SONY.


Via: Phandroid

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