SpeedX: The Fast Paced Puzzle Game

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Android phones which were released last year boast some specs which are able to run each and everything that is available on the android market. Take for example Samsung Galaxy S2 a android device that boasts some spectacular specs such as dual core processor, a gig of RAM and a very powerful GFX processor.

But there is no app available in the market that will task this kind of specification to the maximum. Well sure you can say there are some games that will make sure to use your android device to maximum but those games are not free and they also require huge space on your memory card and also you need a good connection to download those games.

Well now you don’t have to worry because if you’re a fan of fast paced arcade and action games then here is just the right thing that will make sure to use your cpu, gpu and even the accelerometer to the max. This game is none other Speedx 3D which will use up your entire android device. The game has received some heavy updates that makes sure that this game runs optimally on your android device using all the available resources.

The game uses stunning 3D graphics and the game is played by using the accelerometer to race around the tunnels while you avoid different objects as you attempt to finish the level without taking damage. There will be multi array of colorful blocks that use tilt motion of your device as you move around using the accelerometer. But be warned as you progress the levels the game keeps on getting difficult and more addictive at the same time.

This game uses the latest in 3D technology and utilizes all the gfx processing power that is available. It also uses the cpu procession power to the maximum and if your using a dual core device then the game runs more smoothly.

PCworld a renowned gaming and pc magazine has given a very good review of the game and moreover this game is available for free in the android market. Such a simple game that has very low size for installation is a perfect time killer of all times. Even angry birds wont compare to it. Sure Angry Birds has that amazing visual and physics but still Speedx makes sure that your device has a game that you can boast about.

The 3D potential of this cannot be rivaled by any other free game that is available in the market. This game needs a good graphics processing to run smoothly. Most device don’t have that powerful GFX processing or the processing horsepower to render all those shifting 3D visuals.

This game will make sure to make you an addict of mobile gaming although as you keep on completing the levels the game keeps on getting tough you may end up losing interest but that wont stop you from showing your friends the capability of your android device.

So head over to android market and download this game.

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