Springpad : An app for Sharing and Discovering Notes Smartly

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We have see many peoples in our life they always associate with notebooks taking notes for class discussions or for the next big company project. Though it is not enough for ideas. Still some more people’s are there, they usually tear the pictures, articles or stickers from the newspapers and magazines. Such kind of people will definitely love the Springpad.

It is useful to create notebooks for recipes, books, movies or anything else that matters to you, together with friends, family and co-workers. It is useful for you to save ideas and information from anywhere, access them whenever, and start getting more from life.

Springpad may not be new but it is certainly a great way to leave your actual bulky notebook at home and go out with only your smartphone with you. When you first launch the app, you can make some suggested notebooks. Start off with a task notebook so you can keep track of what you need to do.

You can quickly add a text note to remind you of that thing you need to pick up and fill in some details or you can be little more specific. Tapping the plus button lets you classify what type of note you are saving.

Moreover, you can add a task, a checklist, an event, or things like a book, bookmark, movie, music and a whole lot more. After that they will instantly enhance it with more information. For example if you save a restaurant and they will give you a map and reviews. If you save a movie, and they will give you the showtimes near you.

You are not limiting to add just a text post. Additionally, you can snap a picture, record a sound, check for establishments nearby or scan a barcode. Add virtually anything to your notebook.

When you have gotten the hang of Springpad, you can start making more specific notebooks that you can share publicly. If you are a creator, like an artist or a writer, you can create a notebook for your ideas, things that inspire you, and tips and tricks of your trade.

If you are planning an event, you can save inspiration pieces for weddings, camping trips, or that spontaneous road trip. You can share that notebook with friends and relatives. Still if you want more than just your ideas, then you can invite other people to join with you.

If you feel very bore or dry on your own ideas then; you can check out other people’s Springpad notebooks and see what they have saved in them. Some notebooks are category-specific, covering topics such as technology and gadgets, decorating around the house and even productivity.

You can follow the notebooks that you like so you can get a steady stream posts of things that you are interested in. You can like a post, add a comment, and even Spring it! to your own notebooks.

Springpad is delightfully ad-free. You can fully use its features without spend a single penny. If you have more than one mobile device, you can easily access your notebooks on your iOS device or tablet by just downloading the app and logging in with your Springpad account.

So, get Springpad for your android device today and start sharing and discovering notes smartly with your friends, family and coworkers.

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