Spy Apps: Can’t Live With Them, Can’t Live Without Them

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When spy apps were first brought to light, they were almost instantly disliked by a lot of people and not many wanted them to prosper. However, soon after, people started to see their advantages and spy apps for Android and other major platforms became a norm. Now these tools have lost a significant bit of stigma and are being used all over the world. Most of the people were concerned that the entry of spying technology into the mainstream would lead to a disaster. While the fears have proved true to an extent, it has not all been doom and gloom. It has been somewhat of a mixed bag, with dedicated spy apps proving to be a blessing in some areas, while a problem in others.


Helpful for Parents

When spy apps were finding it hard to make their mark, it was the parents who took help from them to keep tabs on their children. This of course was straight up spying, but parents defended their action by claiming that kids nowadays spend most of their time on their digital gadgets and rarely want to have face to face conversation. This leaves them in dark about what’s happening in their children lives and makes it difficult for them to keep them safe. This is why they sought help from spy apps as the latter allowed them to keep an eye on almost all the digital activities of their kids, and attain the coveted peace of mind. Spy apps’ popularity is still growing amongst the parents and it doesn’t look like it’s going to go down anytime soon.

Big Plus for Employers

It’s not a hidden fact that employees like to waste time during office hours. However, some employees go a bit overboard and waste a large chunk of their work time texting, surfing the web, or some other activity that isn’t even remotely related to what they’re being paid to do. This of course bothers employers and forces them to deploy spy apps. Once the spying solution is installed on everyone’s device at the workplace, employers are able to keep tabs on most of their activity, and are therefore able to know which of the employees are slacking off. They can then single them out and deal with them accordingly. Of course, the use of spy apps by employers also curbs the risk of data leakage and other incidents that can take a heavy toll on the company.

Susceptibility to Abuse

As mentioned earlier, spy apps have their share of pros and cons, largely depending on the users. Aforementioned contours show how these apps can be of help. However, if they are misused, then the same helpful features can do a lot of wrong.  For example, if a husband is spying on his wife through such an app and she finds out, then the relationship between them is all but over. The matter can very much reach the court and trigger a fierce legal battle. Same is the case with employers. If the employees find out that their employers are spying on them without their consent, they can then sue them and their company. Parent-children relationship could suffer similar consequences.

That’s not all though, as a complete stranger can also sneak a spy app on someone else’s device without their knowledge, and then gain access to most of the data on that phone, including text messages, instant messaging conversations, call details, photos and videos, location information, and plenty more. That stranger may just keep on looking at the activity or start to coax that particular individual to give money in exchange for privacy.

So to sum up, living without spy apps in today’s digital age is neither easy nor advisable, but unfortunately the technology is really susceptible to misuse, thus complicating the whole scenario. At the end, it all comes down to users and how they make use of this beneficial yet risky technology.

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