Step by Step Guide To Using Screen Slider App

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At one point you are working on your system and there are lots of windows you need to be open but the screen real estate isn’t just enough to accommodate most of your open windows. So in such cases you would usually go for a new monitor that will complement your first and help you to increase screen estate and allow you to accommodate more open windows.

But in most cases buying a brand new monitor isn’t just feasible always because it’s not in our monthly budget or you just don’t have the much needed space for that extra monitor side by side with your original monitor.

Since tough times call for new solutions some developers have worked to bring you an app that will allow you to use your android device as a monitor display extension. ScreenSlider is a very useful app for those who are looking for an extra space or just want the oomph factor in your desktop setup.

ScreenSlider will allow you to monitor the open apps on your desktop right in your android device. The best part is that you don’t even have to do it while being near your desktop also. You can monitor the open programs even if you’re in the washroom or kitchen. It’s even more useful when you’re working on an important project and the same time you need to keep track on your social networking buddies. To get all this benefits or features as you may call it all you need is just a WI-FI connection and a proper LAN setup on your desktop or laptop.

You can use the app to control the open window of desktop by pinch to zoom, two finger panning and press-and hold for right mouse click. For entering texts you can use the android device or voice to texts features right into your windows open apps. The app is compatible with all android devices.

Guide for setting up screen slider:

  1. Download screenslider app for your android device from android market for just $1.99
  2. Now you must download the screenslider application for your PC. Its available for free from the official website.
  3. Launch the screenslider app on your mobile device and enter a device name.
  4. Now right click the screenslider app on the system tray of your desktop/laptop and click on find devices.
  5. Once your device is detected via WI-FI double click it.
  6. A prompt will pop up asking you to input the code that is shown on your android device.
  7. Click agree for any license prompts and the screen might flicker as the app initializes. After sometime the app will be ready to use.

This is a simple guide for setting up the screenslider app and now you can use your android device as an extended monitor of your PC. This app is awesome once you get used to it and you can also control your social networking sites remotely.

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