Suitable Pouches for Nexus 4 with Bumper/Case

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Hi All, it would be great if any post is available to find a good pouch for Nexus 4 device. It will be definitely helpful for those who plan to bought a case for their smartphone. It insisted me to write this article. So, let’s start here…

Already there are lot of pouches available for Nexus 4, but only very little information is available about which pouches will fit a nexus 4 with a bumper or case. We have collected the details about a good pouches and summed up them at below:

The approximate dimensions of the Nexus 4 with a bumper case is :

Height – 140mm Width – 75mm Depth – 11mm

1. Mofi Pouch:

It is the 5XL version of the pouch and fit nicely for Nexus 4. It costs around 5 USD. The 3XL Electronic Version (not the phone version) also seems to work. This cases are available in

The other similar option for Mofi Pouch is Flanelette Bag Case from ebay. This too fit very nicely and is available for 3$.

Mofi Pouch

Another one is Mofi Kangaroo Pouch (5XL Version). It comes with an additional sleeve which can accomodate your credit card or earphone set and costs ~6 $ from

2. Pull-Up Leather Pouch for Note 2:

Pull-Up Leather Pouch

It fits for the Nexus 4 with bumper with very little space to spare and available for ~ 4 US Dollar. It is available in If you are looking for an inexpensive but decent quality pouch then it is highly recommend for you.

3. Neoprene Sleeve for Note 2:

Neoprene Sleeve for Note 2

It seems to fit the Nexus 4 with space to spare. It should fit with bumper as well. It costs around ~ 4 US Dollar and available in

4. Soft Velvet Case Pouch for Note 2:

Soft Velvet Case Pouch for Note 2

It provide the similar fit as neoprene sleeve. It costs around 1.34 USD (for Economy Shipping), 3.49 USD (for Expedited shipping). Available in

5. Galaxy S3 Leather Pouch:

Galaxy S3 Leather Pouch

It is very tight and would be very difficult to fit a diztronic TPU case (so no bumper for sure), but may be a thinner Diztronic hard shell case or Nillkin might be possible. The price tag of this pouch in is 3.29 US dollar.

Additional Option :

Get a custom one made from ETSY, with the dimensions of the bumper given [taking into the consideration the volume and power buttons, the width should be increased another 3 mm max. so 145x80x12 mm internal dimensions should fit the phone with bumper without any issues.

In general, Note/Note 2 pouches should fit the device with bumper,  but would be much longer and wider (but only cheap ones are available). We should ideally be having a sleeve that is a closer fit. Nokia Lumia 920’s doesn’t seem to work. Droid DNA’s cases have a good chance of fitting.

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  1. I have a n4, and i would like to have bumper case around plus cover in sleeve. Which sleeve would be the best? Thanks

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