Sure Thing Gifts for the Extra Special Man in Your Life this Holiday Season

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Buying gifts can sometimes be tricky, especially if you are buying for the type of person who just buys anything they want. If you have a man in your life like this, you understand the struggle. Try to get ahead of them this year however and get them something that will blow their socks off. Depending on what type of guy he is here are a few suggestions.

For the Avid Sports Fan

sporty guys

Sports guys are pretty easy to buy for because they’ll basically like anything with the logo of their favorite team. However, they usually already have an entire collection of shirts, hats, etc. that you don’t need to add to. This year, really wow him and get him something collectable. Maybe it’s an autograph from one of his favorite legends, a ticket stub from an iconic game, or the jersey worn during a special season. Look around at different auctions online and ask around your area for reputable sports memorabilia dealers. Whatever you buy, make sure it comes with a certificate of authenticity so you know it’s the real deal!



Handymen can be some of the hardest to buy for because they are the ones who buy whatever it is they want. Get the jump on them this year and buy him something he’ll be wanting next spring. It could be a new BBQ, some gardening equipment, or a full set of new power tools from He may sit there all winter looking at them in anticipation for spring, but once the weather permits, he can get right to work!

Tech Guys


Tech guys are kind of like handymen in the fact that they buy the newest and best stuff as it comes out… because they want to and they can. If you have a tech guy, don’t try to get him something he doesn’t have; try to make what he has better. Talk to some experts about increasing the capabilities of his gaming PC, extend his membership for his favorite games, etc. These are all things he will do eventually, so you just have to beat him to the line and do it first!

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