T-Mobile HTC One S Review

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HTC one of the leading brands has touched the sky after launching its all new HTC One series including HTC One X, One V & One S.

Since T-Mobile corporation has faced many loses in the past by a failed bid by mobile networking giant AT&T.

T-Mobile is No.4 Network in U.S that is trying to increase its bandwidth to as fast as 42MBps HSPA + network, until the LTE network is ready to come in 2013.

Marketing with strategy is the best method to attract costumers according to their needs by launching devices and plans that customers actually want.

With this strategy mind, T-Mobile has added its effect to HTC One S , Samsung Galaxy note as well as Samsung Galaxy S3.

Design Features Of T-Mobile HTC One S:

The Most glamorous feature of HTC One S is that it has a unique design and its body is made up of galvanized Aluminium also called “micro-arc oxidation treatment”.

It has a glossy ring that surrounds its camera lens at the back of the device. This blue ring extends to the inner back of the phone when one removes the back lid of the phone and there’s a small cover that is removable at the top of the device for the SIM card.


  • Display: A Super AMOLED 4.3-inch display with a Corning Gorilla Glass. Resolution= 960×540 pixels.
  • Memory: 16GB internal memory with amazing 1GB Ram but with no micro SD expandable memory.
  • Processor: 1.5 GHz dual-core Snapdragon Processor (S4).
  • Operating System: Android 4.0 with HTC sense 4.0.
  • Sound: Beats Audio software that provides a 3-D surround sound.

Graphical User Interface & System Information:

  • This is quite attractive as it has android 4.0 with HTC sense 4.0 that enables the user to have a deep look at the apps and internal system files.
  • It has a beautiful lock screen featured with 4 apps and 4 folders that directly specifies to the selected task.
  • There are 4 home screens and that are quite interesting.

Coming to the apps installed: T-Mobile offers HTC One S with strongly loaded apps such as Game Base, T-Mobile hotspot, Polaris Office, and Mobile T.V. these cannot be uninstalled as they are attached to system configuration.

  • The Task manager is quite perspective with Ram as it ends the entire task at once and that depends on you that how you want to remove the tasks you do.
  • The Home screen offers beautiful wallpapers and also some live wallpapers on this beautiful super AMOLED screen
  • Browser includes view desktop features and is loads the pages quite fast.
  • Beats Audio has added a Feather to the Cap of T-Mobile HTC One S and provides the user with rocking sound in headphones as well as the speaker.
  • Processor is quite strong 1.5 GHz  that’s quite speedy and gives a fast output.

Camera is awesome that is 8MP back side illuminated with a smooth image sense technology and an LED flash that adds quality to the images captured by the camera of T-Mobile HTC One S. Video recording can be done at 720p @30 fps that is quite reasonable.

Users complaint that HTC’s One series are not having micro SD card slot and an inbuilt battery but still One series is the leading producer in mobile android devices that has stuck the market intelligently.

T-Mobile HTC One S Video Review

Price & Availability:

It is available at an exciting price of $199 and is available at T-Mobile stores.

So want to buy this T-Mobile amazing phone. Just Try It Out!

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