T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Note : Guide to Root, Unroot, Stock ROM

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Here is the rooting guide for the T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Note users. It doesn’t contain only the rooting guide but also contain the method for returning to stock as well as custom recoveries, modems and other miscellaneous guides.

DISCLAIMER : Follow the given below procedure at your own risk. We would not be held responsible for any damages.

How to get T-Mobile 879 Galaxy Note into download mode:

If you want to get the T-Mobile phone into the download mode then it must connected via USB to your computer first. Then hold volume up and down button while turning the phone on. When the warning prompt come up, press the volume up button.

How to Root:

If you are like most people and couldn’t care less about tripping the flash counter (especially since you can reverse it) rooting is easy.

1. First, apply the OTA update

2. Then download the Odin flashable CWM touch recovery from here.

3. So, once you downloaded then flash that through ODIN.

4. Then download the Super User zip and flash through CWM. You should now be rooted.

5. If you did not complete the OTA update as stated in the step 1 before flashing CWM or a custom ROM, then  download the modem from here.

6. Now, download the flash counter reset from here and flash through CWM to reset your flash counter.

7. That’s it You’ve done. When more ROMs pop up, you will have your phone in CWM all the time flashing ROMs and missing calls like a player.

If you have an Unrooted T-Mobile Note and you want to root your device without tripping the counter then follow the below tutorial:

1. First, apply the OTA Update now when you still have the stock recovery. (Do this first, if you wait until after flashing CWM you won’t be able to get OTA)

2. After your OTA update successfully completes, download the pre-rooted stock image to your computer.

3. Flash the image in Odin. To do that first you need to put your phone in the download mode then click the PDA button and select the tar ball you downloaded. Make certain only “Auto-reboot” and “F. Reset time” are selected. Then Click start.

4. Let the phone reboot and now you should be rooted but wait. You cannot use any Custom ROMs yet. Now you need ClockworkMod.

5. If you want CWM but are paranoid about tripping the flash counter:

  • Download the ROM manager from market and use ROM Manager to flash CWM.
  • Now you have CWM and can create your nandroid backups and get started flashing custom ROMs.

Running T-Mobile T879 Stock ROM and Radio on the i717:

1. First download the pre-rooted image from here.

2. Download the Odin flashable boot.img

3. Put your phone in download mode.

4. Start the Odin

5. Flash the pre-rooted image.

6. Your phone will reboot. Keep holding the Volume Down button so that you can get back into the download mode.

7. If you miss download mode, the phone will try to boot but you will end up at a blank screen.

8. Turn off the phone, remove and reinsert the battery and power on the phone while holding the volume down button. This will get you back into download mode.

9. So, once you get back into the download mode, then start the ODIN and flash the Odin flashable boot image.

10. Lastly reboot into CWM and flash the radio for the i717 from here this brew in CWM. That’s it you’ve done.

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