Test Drive System Launched By Motorola – Droid RAZR M Lead by Android 4.1

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Jelly Bean updates the folks about the launch and success story of Motorola Droid RAZR M and informs them about the achievement of pre-specified goals. According to the experts, the Smartphone was able to achieve the anticipated sales and it is expected that the demand of units will further be increased in the upcoming future.

The update was provided by the manufacturer by means of social networking website i.e. Twitter and in order to validate the information, supporting document was also published. It can be observed that the software incorporated in the system is highly adaptive and can easily inculcate all the relevant features in it.

Most of the sources also indicate that the company was already engaged on the development of sophisticated applications even before the collective shipment of Droid RAZR M with Android 4.1. Unfortunately the company was unable to keep aligned with the continuously shaping world. Several advanced features are brought into the newly launched handsets. The prices of the two devices under consideration are also very competitive in nature and it is expected that Droid RAZR M will overtake on the basis of price dimensions.

Competitive Prices and Distribution Strategies

The supporters of Motorola also say that because of highly expensive handsets with Android operating systems, soon the customers will be unable to pay the prices and will need to purchase the desired devices in installments. Motorola considers being in competitive position because it is announcing the similar features at convenient price charges.

In addition to price, the distribution strategy of Android phones has also been challenged by the Motorola officials and they claim that Android phones will be distributed in intervals to the general public. Hence the reviewers consider the company to be in competitive position as it is challenging the market leader.

Latest News

The latest blog has been published by the official company which provides information to the users regarding the future strategies and upcoming devices from the house of Motorola. In addition to the news, the critical aspects of the software and information related to its features and specifications will also be provided to the interested customers.

The critics consider the company’s initiative as a competitive effort same as Android. The Android lovers are keen to identify the news and reviews from the company, similarly Motorola has devised the strategy by which the Motorola customers can keep in touch with the updates of company.

Test Drive Program by Motorola

The latest buzz in the industry is regarding the successful launch of Motorola newest program named as Test Drive in which the company will distribute the preview versions of product in the market. The individuals who consider the software and the related products according to the desires and up to the mark can consider purchasing option.

However it must be noticed that this program is limited for the few segments and the offer targeting to entire market will be shared soon.

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