The Best Android Application That Can Help You Get Motivated

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Whether it is waking up on the wrong side of the bed or getting nervous about an exam, you have those moments in your life when you need a boost to lighten your mood and get your work done. It has always been there, happening when you unknowingly get worried about how things will work. Here are some Samsung applications you can check out if you need little bit of motivation .I am sure we all do in the middle of our daily lifespan.

1. Goal Tracker

Start your day with small goals with these applications .Put in anything from losing weight to reduce chances of heart attack to saving up for a new car and a goal tracker will provide you with a list to remind you when anything is due and how much you have achieved for each. Just in case you want to postpone, this application will give you a reminder.


2. Workout Trainer

We want to be healthy but most of us don’t know where to start. If you can’t find time to go to the gym, then you can download this application instead. You’ll get skilled coaches who can assist you to start your regular exercises within time that are completed with audio and video instructions making your way much easier and saving your time. It’s a fantastic way to motivate yourself if you have just gotten up from your familiar couch, but if you want to advance, you’ll need to access the pro account to get more goodies.


3.  Drinking Water with Carbodroid

You may take drinking water for granted but have thought that an appropriate amount might help you to lose weight and boost your mental balance. Drinking water with Carbodroid is an application that is too cute especially you can get your Water Droid smile if you get your two liters in the system. It even reminds you to get a glass of water in case you’re too engrossed with work to remember.


4. Get Inspired

Just in case you are going through a tough day and you need to put up a smile then this is the best application that you’ve been looking for. This application encourages with words of wisdom from people who have made it to the top. Having an option to share the good vibes with your friends is a bonus ice cake.


5. Motivation To Your Mobile

If you need a virtual nudge to begin your goals, this application has all the positivity that you’ve been looking for. Motivational speaker Derrick Hayes you a word and a message each day to encourage you to do the best things that you always want and need to do.


6. Idea Generator

You probably had been brainstorming with ideas with your creative and marketing team but hitting a mental block. This application will help you make things easier. By randomly combining words set beneath customizable categories. It may just switch your light bulb above your head. You can even send your thinking sessions to your emails.


7. Mindjet for Android

Once you have your ideas set, you may need to organize them. Mindjet for Android is a great application to map them and then you can see your game plan. If you’re suddenly lost you can go back to your charts and you will see where you’re headed. Though you’ll need to use this application in a tablet device since it will be hard to see and appreciate on a cell phone.


8. Build Confidence

You can always reward yourself with a pat on your back in your own silent time. Build Confidence is an application from Clinical Hypnotherapist Andrew Johnson.

These are some of the application that are available in the Play store for your android phone.  Do try out other application that help you motivated and share them with us .


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