The Best Android Apps That You Should Have In Your Smartphone

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There are thousands of apps that you can find in Google Play Store but you cannot use all these apps, it’s a fact. However, you must know which apps are best so you can use them for better Android experience.

1. DropBox (Free)

This is the best android application to back-up your files on your android device or to share documents with others. This is a great app as it synchronizes the files between your computer and mobile device automatically. Not only that you can access files in your Dropbox folder but you can also upload or download files at any time.


  • Your data is available everywhere, all the time on any device.
  • Helps you save your emails, photos and docs in the Dropbox folder.
  • Allows, sharing your photos and docs with other people easily.
  • Dropbox docs are easily editable.

2. Evernote (Free)

Do you often forget about your day routine? Do you often need to note down information? Well, Evernote is an android app designed for this purpose. This is basically an award winning app which lets you bookmark and then recall almost everything that happens in your life.

Evernote can be used to put idea, recording, notes and even snapshots. The data on your mobile device will be automatically synced with your computer and online Evernote account.


  • Makes it easy to synchronize your data on all your device at the same time.
  • You can save and edit notes, to-dos and tasks.
  • You can even record voice notes.
  • Use notebook to organize your stuff, put tags on information.
  • Save your emails and tweets easily.
  • Share your stored information via Twitter or Facebook.

3. Phonelocator Pro (Paid: $2.80)

Do you want to keep your android phone secure? While iPhone offers “Track my iPhone” feature, with the help of this app, you can easily track your android phone anywhere in the world. If you have lost or misplaced your android phone then you can locate it easily with Phonelocator Pro.

Even if the device’s data plan has been disabled, Phonelocator will still be able to help you find your phone. This is what usually happens in case of stolen phones.


  • Track your phone with the help of positioning on Google Maps.
  • You can remote lock your phone.
  • Device can be auto-locked if unauthorized SIM card is inserted.
  • Wipe all personal data remotely.
  • Keep receiving call logs from your android phone.
  • Forward all the text messages.
  • Enable loud ringing on your smartphone.

4. WhatsApp (Free)

Perhaps, this is one of the most popular communication app when it comes to android smartphones. If you have WhatsApp installed in your phone and your friend has also installed the same app, you can chat with each other for free.

There are no data charges that will apply on your communication. The best thing about this app is that, you can communicate with your friends all over the world. It will scan your phonebook to determine who among your friends uses the same app so you can connect with each other.


  • Share text, images, videos and voice notes easily.
  • Have fun with group conversations.
  • No pins or user names required, phone numbers are enough.
  • Receive and send offline messages.
  • Share your location with friends or contacts.
  • Change the wallpaper as per your choice.

So, above mentioned and described are a few of the best android apps that you must use if you want to use your android device productively.

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