The Best Android Hacks

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The Android Hacks given here are very easy to do and don’t involve any major hacking of the phone exactly, therefore simple to integrate and will let you quickly and efficiently hack your phone so that you can hack the speed, hack the settings, hack the personalization of the phone and just generally hack the phone to make it a lot better for your own personal use which at the end of the day is what hacking is all about isn’t it.

Best Android Hacks

Use your Android device as your Sat Nav device:

Its time to throw away that Tom-Tom device you just purchased because there is a new toy in the town and its called ‘The Google Android Sat Nav Device’ seriously I have personally used the Android sat nav apps and there are brilliant.

Install Ubuntu on your android device:

Yes it is possible and has been done many times, many developers are actually installing versions of the Ubuntu software onto there android devices.

Use your Android Device to open your garage door:

There is many hacks that you can do which will actually take your Android device and turn it into a system which will actually open your garage door and also you can control other areas of your home including opening and closing curtains and turning the lights on and off.

Use the Google Android ‘Powerstrip’:

The power strip gives you the ability to flick bluetooth on and off, connect to WiFi and switch it on and off as and when needed and also other features and settings such as brightness adjusting.

Organize everything into folders:

If its images, videos, mp3’s whatever it is, use folders, think of your android phone as a desktop computer and think of it as apple OS X or windows vista, keep things organized in folders and keep everything clean and tidy. This will mean that it is very easy then to access that information as and when you need it.

Add words to the android built in dictionary:

If you add your own words to the dictionary that Google Android provides you then you will find that it is better for getting SMS text messages done and it is also quicker when you are writing emails and browsing the internet as if you add your own custom words then the spell checker knows it for next time you enter it and it will speed things up meaning that you are pretty much hacking the speed that you can type on your android device.

Most people think that hacking an android device is hard but to tell you the truth, depending on the level of hacking involved then to be honest, most hacking of android phones is very easy and it just involves some simple steps that you need to follow to get the best results when it comes to the ultimate personalization of the phone and its features. If you are wanting to see if you can hack it for improving the system then the above hacks mentioned are the best ones to use.

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