The Exciting New Features Of Android Jelly Bean 4.1

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Yesterday’s Google’s I/O keynote was initially mind blogging and then it started mind blowing with the features of Android Jelly Bean 4.1 which will be released very soon. This exhilarating upcoming android shift will be first available on Nexus S, XOOM and the Galaxy Nexus.

Features of Android Jelly Bean 4.1 to take the smart phones next level:

Android Jelly bean 4.1 is now truly dynamic in every sense. From it’s touch to diversity of app’s functionality everywhere it’s much more flexible now. Let me get specific now.

The first fact you might think about this new android Jelly bean is its sophistication of screen to touch. Google claims it will be with the “minimum” lag to response after a single touch you make on your device. Yes, they say it’s going to make your devices super responsive.

The catch of super responsiveness is also revealed and this Android jelly bean is coming with triple buffered graphics, extended vsync timing and intuitive touch to get your CPU on steroid.

This Android bean is far more universal than ever, Google’s intention to taking care of international user is very impressive with this new system. They removed all the barriers of writing text with bi-directional text. Very impressively this system enables users install even any keyboard layout.

Any complex scripts, locales and fonts are now write-able in any direction such as Arabic and Hebrew through applications.

Oh. Yes, for application developer this Android jelly bean is much more flexible and convenient to work with. Jelly Bean incorporates fresh API’s for ease of access functions like solutions that enable you to deal with gestures and control accessibility emphasis with on-screen control keys.

It can be controlled by accessibility gestures, add-ons, as well as extra put in systems. Apps that are based on the standard View elements inherit hold up with the completely new features simultaneously with virtually no to change in their code.

Android 4 .1 brings in a key enhancement to notification system. Applications will now be able to show bigger, richer updates to users that will be extended as well as collapsed with a pinch. Notifications hold up many types of stuff, like pictures, including configurable emphasis, which will also contain various acts allocated to it.

Now jelly bean 4.1 is coming with highly flexible app widgets. It shows high intelligence with its automatic resizing wherever you put any widget on your screen.

An ICS feature which was suppressed with less functionality is highly enhanced to share data. Yes I am talking about “Beam”. Android beam is now more impressive to share photos videos and any other data faster than ever.

The burden you had for updating the smart app is now completely resolved by new application update system. Now all application will be updated with only the data is changed on the application unlike downloading the whole APK file.

Let me finish this post with a most impressive and fun feature of Android Jelly bean 4.1. Yes, I am talking about voice integration function for search. This jelly bean will listen to you while you need to search anything.

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