The Jelly Bean Wallpaper: A Coolest Live Wallpaper Experience

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Whenever the term Jelly Bean is heard the very first thing that comes in mind is latest Android version. Well there is a world beyond Android Eco-system where Jelly Bean is used as a desert.

Jelly Bean Android 4.1 is a hot topic for Android right from the release of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich version. The talks were increasing day by day and finally the latest iteration of Android, Jelly Bean was showcased at the Google I/O on June 27.

This day is marked as the release of a trademark device, Google Nexus 7. Since the release, all the developers are into action of getting Jelly Bean ported to all the devices and many also succeeded.

There is still lot of devices which actually are not getting Jelly Bean and the device owners are disappointed. So here we come with some good news for you ( no Google is giving you a new device) instead a developer company named Jelly Belly candy co. has released its latest Android app the Jelly Belly Jelly Bean Jar.

This app basically live wallpaper which is available at the Google play store for free. This is one of the most interactive and innovative live wallpaper ever used by us. In most of the cases I prefer blank wallpaper as it saves battery, but since the install of the live wallpaper I have not deleted it.

The coolest features available with the wallpaper:

1) Tapping the screen makes Jelly Bean drop in the jar.
2) Touching and tapping a jelly bean allows us to drag, spin and flick the Jelly Bean.
3) Shaking or tilting the phone upside down makes the screen clear.
4) Many favorite flavors to choose from like Very Cherry and Buttered popcorn.
5) Setting for changing the gravity level for affecting drop/flick/tilt features.
6) Invention of new games like “Jelly Belly Fall” – not allowing a jelly bean hit the bottom.
One of the good features that the live wallpaper has not changed that a user can go ahead and pick his favorite background image from the gallery.

The thing that we don’t like in the live wallpaper is the inclusion of name Jelly Belly on top of every bean which is more of an Ad. Other than that an excellent Live wallpaper package and one of the best in the whole Android Ecosystem, definitely a go for every user.

So what is your Experience after using this live wallpaper, Share your views with us.

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