The OTA Update Center -Easiest OTA Updates For Every Developer

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Android is all about Open Source and its big community of developers, Rom hackers and Rom Users. This community has made Android grow day by day with now more than a million activations per day there seem to be no stopping of Android.

Now there is a further step in Android Rom Development. Now there is a new feature which is developed which can be useful to both ROM Developer and user.

If any ROM is updated it is the most pleasant thing for an Android user, but the problem comes in the way to update the ROM. Each user wants his phone to get updated directly in android phone itself without downloading the whole ROM in PC and transfer it to mobile and then flash it with recovery.

It is a long process; best process is considered to be the OTA which was not implemented properly in custom Android ROM. There were lots of discussions for OTA’s updates and the non-availability of the update directly.

The developers of the OTA Update center have developed a free service for all the ROM developers to provide OTA service for their ROMs. Now the hackers and modders can enjoy their activities at the fullest.

The OTA service is not new it was started since the time of HTC Hero; there are also services offered by ROM Manager and that offer OTA but the implementation is not good.

The OTA Update center is just of same working type, there is an app which needs to be installed in the ROM. The App will check the ROM and the version that the phone is using and it will check its database for any update and if there is any update it will inform the user about the update and ask him to update.

It will help the end user to keep the phone up to date and without any much trouble.

The best part comes to the developers. Previously developers were needed to host files which cost lot of money or for the OTA they were needed to change the whole Android framework which most of the developers did not use.

Now there is needed only a little fully guided hack which they need to do in the ROM and with the provided tool it is even easier. The number of extra lines of code is very minimum and easy to be added.  There is an easy standard that developers need to follow and that’s it they are done with the integration of FOTA in their ROM.

It is still some work for the end users as it is up to the ROM developers that whether they are interested in the OTA integration of their ROMs which is the most important issue. With the easy integration and usability it is likely that most of the developers would want to switch to the OTA center update system.

So did your favorite ROM got OTA integration? Did you update using it? Share your views with us.

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