The S Health App: Monitor Your Blood Sugar And Blood Pressure Right On Your Galaxy S3

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The lifestyles of average people are getting more and more sedentary and the results are also devastating on people.

Obesity is being the most common problem over every society and the worst outcome after obesity is resulting worst disease for anyone called Diabetes.

This is worst because of its complexity and a little bit of its lack of awareness can cause fatal issues which would be very tough to handle. Hence the necessity of checking and keeping the balance of Blood sugar level for diabetes patients is very vital.

Another critical health issue is problem of uncontrolled blood pressure which also need very high level of monitoring and hence every patients who have these problems like diabetes and BP problems needs to visit doctors clinic very often to check those vital parameters.

The Very New Android smartphone Galaxy S3 has brought a very convenient solution for diabetes and patients of BP problem.  Galaxy S3 Introduces The  S Health App for which has incredible system of monitoring blood sugar level, blood pressure and also it has ability to monitor body composition scale for other vital measurements.

Most importantly this app is compatible for different kinds of and very common health care sensors to work with.

How This S Health App Works?

Its very simple to work with because the presentation of data which very simple and understandable for everyone. Most of the data are shown in table, chart and graphically to make it easy for everyone. Now question comes that how Galaxy will connect to your body to get the data. No, I am kidding, it won’t need to connect to your body.

To get the raw data you will need a regular health care sensor which very common and you get a good one with very affordable rate. The problem with those health care sensors are presentation of data and Galaxy S3 The S Health App  is to make it easy for you.  Get a sensor and get your vital data and send it to your phone via Bluetooth or USB then you are done few touches.

Another most important thing this S health app has which is good for every health conscious people. You can track your diet, exercise, weight etc. through this S health app. In this case you have put information manually to get it incorporate with your routine.

The S health is not available for everyone though yet now. In US and some European countries S3 holder can download it from Google Play.

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