The Technology Partnership (TTP) Created Augmented Reality (AR) Glasses – Review

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The Technology Partnership (TTP), a Cambridge-based product development company, has created enhanced reality “specs” which looks like an ordinary eyeglasses.

Unlike Google’s Glass it project a video image right in the center of the lens, allowing the tech to be near-invisible as the user goes about his or her business.

The eyewear has a micro projector unit set within one arm of the glasses. This unit sends the image to the center of the glasses lens, which then beams the image back into the user’s eyes. The users no need to do anything to make this work, they can look straight ahead and see whatever it is the glasses choose to show.

But this TTP glasses are still in prototype stage and have pretty big limitations at the moment. So far, the projected technique used in these glasses only shows a monochrome image with a 640 x 480 resolution, not moving video.

According to Roger Clarke, TTP’s project manager for augmented reality technologies, new hardware is coming in the next few weeks that will allow them to take things to the next level by adding moving video.

It has still more limitations such as flat or darkened lenses, large cumbersome frames and partially or totally obscured fields of view, Dr. Roger Clarke said all these limitations will overcomes by using simple LED based optics and completely transparent, curved lenses.

TTP has also invented a very high speed switchable fast focus lens technology that can be used to create a true 3D experience. Unlike, Google, TTP is not interested in building their glasses down the road. Instead the company hopes to license the technology to third parties.

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