Tired Of Using Slow Facebook On Your Android Phone? – Try Using Fast For Facebook

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One of the common complains that were hear from Android users is the slow processing speed of their Facebook app. Well, you should not worry about it anymore because Fast for Facebook is here for you.

There is no doubt that Facebook has been making promising to improve the working speed of its Android app since a long time. Still, so many android users are not happy the way their Facebook app works. It feels buggy and works slow, these are two common issues with users.
Considering these complains by android Facebook users, a company called One Louder Apps who have already created TweetCaster and 1Weather have created an alternative to the android Facebook app. The name of the app is “Fast for Facebook”.
It is clear from the name that this app is designed to give users a faster experience for using their Facebook account from their android smartphones. Well, we will have to use and see how this app works and if it is really faster than the original Facebook app or not.
One downside of this app is that, it doesn’t support the Android 4.0 ICS. However, the app maker should no worry about it because so far only 7% of android users are using the 4.0 version of Android OS.
Below, we are going to describe how to install this app and use it for your convenience.

Step 1

First, you should download a copy of Fast for Facebook in your android device.

Step 2

Now, log in to the Facebook account. After that, you should choose the experience style of the app that you want to use. There are two basic modes, one is called Fast for Performance in which low quality images will be loaded and the other is Fast for Quality, which will load high quality images and uses more bandwidth.

Step 3

Now, you will have to select a theme of your choice. You can choose settings by tapping the upper left hand corner menu button. There will be a theme option. You can choose white or gray backgrounds which makes the app very clean.

Well, that’s it. There is nothing more that you need to do but if you want to know about the features of this app then all the features are described below.


• Share, Comment and Like
• Real time Home feeds having cached images
• Write your status
• Notifications
• Chatting
• Share whatever you want
• Get access to status, news, links, news and videos etc.
• Search ability, search anything
• Visit friend’s wall and write anything
• Use pages and groups easily
• Get access to the private messages
• Take photos and add to the timeline
• Check-In facility
• Add home screen widget or quick link
• View galleries and albums
• Change the background theme
• High Security Level: App doesn’t store any of your personal information

After using the app, you will realize that it is very different from the common Facebook app. The design is good and looks very clean. If you are fond of Android 4.0 but don’t have it then you can at least use the app in same theme.

In short, this app will really make your Facebook surfing experience simple and easy. I was waiting for such an app to arrive since a long time and now I’m happy to use it.

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